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February 4, 2011

I can totally picture my grandson, Blaise, doing this

And for that matter, I can totally picture my son, Jon (Blaise's dad), doing his part, like the dad in this commercial.


  1. Dear Patrick,

    My wife and I are in an epic battle royale over the name "Blaise." She is 27 months pregnant with our 6th child - a boy. She is set on naming the infant Blaise. I love the saint, but I'm worried that people will think that were WWF or Monster Truck fans and named our child "Blaze."

    Any advice or encouraging words on name a child "Blaise"? I need to be convinced.

    My wife Joy will be grateful if you can push me over the edge.


    PS: Did you see the sweet 'stache comment about you over at CMR?

  2. I am still laughing.Thank you for a much needed smile.

  3. I have a 4 year old named Blaise. The name is a great way to start conversations about the saint and our faith. It also helps me discover which people are educated Catholics.

  4. Taylor...27 months pregnant? WOW!

    Maybe Blaise could be a middle name?

  5. I knew what you were talking about before even clicking on this post. I think that's why so many people have loved this commercial. So many of us have a son/grandson who would do this and cool dads that would play along. Watching this always cheers me up :)