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October 19, 2010

Tom Bosley, R.I.P.

The affable dad on “Happy Days” died today at 83 from lung cancer. May he rest in peace. He entertained millions of people with his acting, myself included.

I recall when “Happy Days” debuted on TV in 1974. That's the year I started high school, and watching Richie, Fonzie, Ralph Malph, and Potsie was "must see TV" (to coin a phrase) for me and my whole family each week. I always liked Mr. Bosley's Howard Cunningham character — A.K.A. "Mr. C." His calm, avuncular, and wise persona was almost grandfatherly. Let's all pray for the repose of his soul, that the Lord will grant him an eternity of happy days in His presence.

Do you recognize this face?

That's my buddy and brother in Christ, Marcus Grodi, the founder and president of the Coming Home Network, which for over 15 years has been helping Protestant clergy converts come home to the Catholic Church (hence the organization's name). 

Anyway, I'm going to have the privilege and joy of joining Marcus, my bishop, Most Rev. Frederick Campbell, Bishop of Columbus, and a pantheon of illustrious Catholic speakers and authors, including Scott Hahn, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and several others at the 8th-annual "Deep in History" conference, sponsored by the CHNetwork. 

It takes place this coming weekend, October 22-24, 2010, at the Easton Hilton Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. My talk theme will be “The Fathers Know Best: A Look at the Relationship Between Scripture & Tradition in the Early Church.”

There's still time to register! Click here for the details. I hope to see you there. (Please share this on your FB pages, on Twitter, blogs, etc. Many thanks.)

What do you say to a cradle-Catholic who doubts the doctrine of the communion of saints?

Well, here's what I said in response to Ed, a recent caller to my "Open Line" radio broadcast (Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. ET). He also had doubts about the bodily Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so we talked about that as well. To listen, click here, or click the image.

If you'd like to acquire a copy of my book on the communion of saints, Any Friend of God's Is a Friend of Mine, I'd suggest to go first to your local Catholic bookstore. If you don't have one near you, you can get the book here.

Here are some additional, popular-level resources on these subjects:

Any Friend of God's Is a Friend of Mine
Immaculate Conception and the Assumption  
How to Argue for Mary's Assumption
Assumptions About Mary
Saints Preserve Us

The fastest goal keeper ever

The goalie is wearing a light-green uniform. At about the 35-second mark, you'll understand why I named this post as I did. 

A prank phone call that backfired beautifully

I've known a lot of former atheists over the years. One of my very favorites is Jennifer Fulwiler. Among the reasons I like her so much (there are many) is that she's a skilled and insightful writer. I'm happy to say that she writes a regular column for us at Envoy Magazine.

For the moment, though, I'd like to direct your attention to her blog, where she posted an unexpectedly powerful story about how she tried to prank a telemarketer, back when she was a Christan-despising atheist. As you'll see, she didn't expect the results she got, and I didn't expect that the story would move me as much as it did. I really think you'll like it, too.

P.S. Jennifer wrote the cover story in this next issue of Envoy Magazine (vol. 9.4). It's called "Up From Atheism." As soon as it's out, I'll let you know.

(Jennifer Fulwiler not shown actual size)