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September 23, 2010

Gov. Christie Veto Shuts Down Abortion Clinics in NJ

This wonderful government de-funding gesture could not have been aimed at a more deserving group of abortionists. I particularly love the last forlorn line in this snippet from the article on LifeNews.com:
After the New Jersey state Senate defeated an attempt to override the decision of Gov. Chris Christie to cut off state taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood abortion businesses, the first facility run by the national abortion giant is closing.

The Cherry Hill Courier Post newspaper says a Planned Parenthood facility located on Haddonfield Road and operated by Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey will close down.

PP-SNJ stands to lose as much as $160,000 in taxpayer funds because of Christie's decision and the upholding of his veto. With the closing of the Cherry Hill center, Planned Parenthood customers seeking abortions or other "services" must go to PP centers in Camden, Bellmawr, and Edgewater Park.

Parenthood of Southern New Jersey president Lynn Brown told the newspaper, "We are in think mode and creative mode and we are doing all that we can to try and salvage to see as many people as we need to see."

"We all know it's strictly ideological," Brown said of the funding cuts to the abortion business. "This is a very frustrating and perplexing time for us."
Ah, that is truly wonderful news, Ms. Brown! I'm one of many millions of Americans who are hoping and praying that this lack-of-funding situation gets much more frustrating and perplexing for the "abortion business."

Classic Catholic Truth Society Pamphlets, Free Online

About 12 years ago, I had the occasion to visit the office of the Catholic Truth Society in London during a speaking tour there. A number of their venerable apologetics tracts and booklets were on display in a bookcase, most of them having been written decades earlier (some, many decades earlier) during a time in England when vigorous Catholic apologetics outreach to Protestants, atheists, and other non-Catholics was quite common.

The CTS staffer I spoke to that day made sure to provide me with a stack of pamphlets before I left, and in the ensuing years since that visit, I have lost track of them. That is, until today, when I discovered a whole cache of them posted on a Catholic website — each of them scanned in and available for free as PDFs of the originals. I've downloaded them all and would like to encourage you to go and do likewise. As basic, Catholic explanations of doctrinal, moral, and social issues go, these CTS materials are accessible, interesting, fact-filled, and compelling. As the old Alka-Seltzer commercial used to say, "Try it, you'll like it."