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September 17, 2010

Bee Gees in a box, and other truly primo 70s weirdness

As goofy as this ad is, it gets
much better, much weirder than this. Trust me. Take the tour of the other 57 "what were they thinking?" ads. They'll make your head spin.

Me, I was a teenager when this stuff was au courant. I guess that says a lot.

A mother seeks advice on how to draw her grown sons back to the Catholic Church

Yesterday, on the EWTN "Open Line" radio broadcast, I received a question from a mother whose adult sons have left the Catholic Church and gone into "non-denominational" Protestantism. Concerned about maintaining a good relationship with them while telling them that they've made a big mistake in leaving the Faith, she asked what practical things she can do to help them come home. Take a listen.