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September 4, 2010

Whither "Fad Atheism"? (Also: Wither, Fad Atheism. Please.)

The hilarious (and dead-on accurate satirist) Catholic actor Kevin O'Brien, a member of Theater of the Word, has done a laudable service by coining the term "fad atheism." Let's hope that, like most fads, today's insipid brand of modern atheism fades away quickly and without much residue.

If you could choose the theme for my next book, what would it be?

With the recent release of The Godless Delusion, I'm now ready to turn to my next book project. I've got several things in various stages of completion, but since I'm currently free to go in any direction, I'd like to solicit your input and suggestions for what you think the theme of my next book should be. Those who are interested in participating, please take a moment to complete this brief survey. Thank you.

P.S. So far, around 230 people have already contributed suggestions through the survey link I put on my Facebook pages. Now it's my blog-friends' turn to have their say. Oh, and you'll see a Facebook button at the bottom of the survey page, which is there for you to share it on your FB pages, if you'd like. As far as I'm concerned, the more suggestions the better. Thanks again.