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July 15, 2010

Renowned exorcist, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, defines the meaning of "demonic possession"

Catholic Apologetics Summer Camp for Students 15-19

Half-Price Scholarships Now Available for
the 2010 Envoy Institute Apologetics Summer Camp

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, half-price scholarships for the first-ever Envoy Institute Summer Apologetics Camp August 15-21 are now available for up to 25 lucky students, ages 15 to 19.

Here’s how to make a half-price scholarship possible for a student you love: contact Joan Bradley at (704) 461-6009 or JoanBradley@bac.edu today! She can explain the total cost (less than $400 with the scholarship), payment plans and other important details.

Look at what is awaiting students aged 15-19-years:

7 days and 6 nights in an inspiring setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, lodging (in separate camps for girls and boys), three meals a day, lots of fun outdoor activities, and eight great teaching seminars delivered by several of America’s leading Catholic apologists – Jim Burnham, Ken Hensley, Dr. Ben Wiker, and Dr. Paul Thigpen – plus talks and a workshop on apologetics that I'll be presenting. Msgr. Stuart Swetland, S.T.D., will also be speaking to the attendees.

During the week, our excellent team of speakers will help young Catholics address issues like these: How do you pull the rug out from under an atheist who wants to weaken or destroy your faith (gently and with love, of course)? What is your answer when someone asks, “Have you been saved”? What does the Bible really say about the “End Times,” the “rapture,” the anti-Christ, etc.? What does the Catholic Church actually believe about evolution? What should your response be when a Protestant friend throws certain Bible verses at you that seem to refute certain Catholic beliefs?

All of our talks on these and other subjects will be presented the “Envoy way,” with our patent-pending mixture of reverence, good-and-sometimes-even-bizarre humor, inspiration, devotion and fun. And in between sessions, there’ll be fun activities like swimming, hiking, whitewater rafting, an ice cream social, plus an evening of karaoke.

Mass will be celebrated every day as well, including one by our special guest Monsignor Stuart Swetland, who will also be giving a talk afterwards.

To take advantage of this special limited-time half-price scholarship offer, please contact Joan Bradley at (704) 461-6009 or JoanBradley@bac.edu today!

(Also, if you are interested in making a donation yourself so that we can extend additional scholarships so even more students can attend, please call or email Joan about making a donation for additional scholarships. We greatly appreciate your support in any amount!)