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July 13, 2010

The Legion of Christ to Meet in Extraordinary General Chapter

Let this be known far and wide: BELGIAN CARDINAL CLEARED OF PORN CHARGES

Zenit reported some very good news yesterday:

The Brussels public prosecutor's office confirmed Friday that Cardinal Godfried Danneels, retired archbishop of the city, did not download pornography to his computer.

The authorities' clarification, however, comes after the "Het Nieussbald" newspaper accused the cardinal of using pornography.

In fact, authorities affirmed that a pornographic picture on the cardinal's computer was downloaded automatically.

Jean Marc Meilleur, spokesman of the office of the public prosecutor, confirmed the existence of the "suspicious" photograph, but clarified that "anyone who surfs the Internet can find this type of photograph among his temporary files."

Cardinal Danneel's spokesman, Hans Geybels, announced that legal action will be made regarding the accusation being sent to the press. He has called for a serious investigation to clarify what happened.

This case comes on the heels of a similar violation, when the press was told that the archbishopric of Malines-Brussels was linked to a serial killer, Marc Dutroux. That information was also subsequently shown to be falsified... (continue reading)