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May 12, 2010

What you see versus what you think you see

There are some fascinating optical illusions that play upon the mind's tendency to impose things like motion on certain combinations of colors and shapes which are not, in fact, really moving. Look at the picture above, for example. Nothing in it is moving, but your eyes see it undulating and pulsating, don't they? This is because your mind imposes movement where it really does not exist. Try as you might, isn't it true that it is practically impossible to force that image to stop "moving," even though you know it's not?

This is reminiscent of another phenomenon in which some people think they see in Scripture teachings which simply are not there. Mormonism's "Plurality of Gods" and "Total Apostasy" doctrines, and the common Protestant notion of "Sola Scriptura" come mind as examples of this tendency.

Max & Anna

Joyous news. Our son, Max, recently got engaged to the lovely Anna Wagner. Though they haven't set a date for their wedding yet, everything points to the happy occasion taking place this fall. Max is in the U.S. Navy and doesn't know yet what the exact dates of his leave will be. Hopefully, he'll know soon, so he and Anna can begin planning in earnest.