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January 6, 2010

16 Anti-Theft Gadgets to Deter Thieves

I'd like a couple of number 7s, please. The rest of the list is available here.

For those who have difficulty waking up in the morning, this alarm tone might help

I didn't know you could do this with an iPhone

I want one.

Please? Someone?

Full of Sound and Fury; Signifying . . . Nothing

This visual metaphor depicts something I've witnessed countless times over the last 23 years of engaging JWs, Protestants, and Mormons and their attempts at biblical arguments against the Catholic Church. At first glance, some of their claims might seem plausible but, upon closer inspection, they simply collapse.

Examples of paper-tiger Protestant arguments that fall flat can be found in debates such as “Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?” and “What Still Divides Us?”

I didn't know you could do this with Legos

Calvinists are swarming over on Free Republic

Things are getting a little fidgety over in Calvinland, at least within the Sovereign Calvinist embassy to Free Republic. The Great Reformed Ping List is underway again, complete with some obligatory tub-thumping and chest-beating about their enemies' "anthropomorphic rantings" and how their solas are being "mightily assailed," etc., etc.

It's kind of fun to watch (bad Latin grammar and all), but still, it's sad to see good people become so hopelessly entangled in the errors of the Calvinist religious system (some of which are quite ably refuted here, here, and here).

Exurge, Calvinisti, et judica causam tuam...
Arise (some older mss still read 'Swarm'), O Calvinists, and plead your cause. The doctrines of grace are mightily assailed by those who would proclaim with their father, “I will be like the Most High.” Set forth the biblical case for a sovereign God who is jealous for His glory. Disallow through disputation (and lampooning when needed) the damnable errors of those who have refashioned the great sola doctrines into a salvation-helper gospel that exalts the fallen will of man.

From every corner, in every thread exalt the right of God to do whatsoever He pleaseth. Be not dismayed by persistent anthropocentric rantings. Blessed are you when they revile you for the sake of the truth. Happy are ye when the Servetus card is played and the strawmen are paraded before you for He who is enthroned in heaven reigns.

Google is for Dhimmies

Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch shows how Google automatically offers viciously derrogatory search suggestions on phrases such as "Christianity is" (I also found it does the same for searches on "Catholicism is," "Pope Benedict is," and "the pope is"), but it does not do the same when someone searches "Islam is." In fact, as Robert points out, type in "Islam is" and Google suggests . . . nothing at all.

Draw your own conclusions.

If horses ran the world . . .

"You're late for work again, Smith. Mr. Ed wants to see you in his office immediately!"