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December 3, 2010

Understatement of the year: "This debate will be followed closely at the Turkish embassy."

As Europe slowly begins to wake up to the serious danger it faces, a gutsy Catholic member of the Austrian parliament, Ewald Stadler, adds a few choice words of his own. Please watch all five minutes of this amazing speech.

Courtesy of Eponymous Flower.


  1. Give me whiplash, why don't you Patrick? I'm used to relating that German/Austrian dialect with fiends like Adolf Hitler. I thought that it was awesome of this individual, MP Ewald Stadler to blatantly and directly hold the Turkish Ambassador accountable for the double standards he holds and allowing the mass murdering of Catholic Priests, Bishops and Christian people, in the most haneous of ways, while forbidding the same treatment to Muslims. I thought it was outstanding how he was applauded. Now it's high time actions follow the angry dialogue. It has to be stopped. +++

  2. Wow!! Can we bring him to our country now??

    American politicians, listen up!! This is how it is done.