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September 16, 2010

When you care enough to send the best (but you still have your doubts)


  1. That's a card that could have been sent to me when I was younger..LOL!! since then I have discovered the joy of celibacy and for me this is the right path - its not for everyone but I can say with confidence it is for some of us a blessing beyond measure and I thank the Lord for showing me how to live it with gratitude...
    Melinda T

  2. How does one approach one's manager who's all excited and "it's no big deal" about a boyfriend moving in with her and her young (primary school) son? I want to ask her "doesn't he love you enough to marry you and commit to you for life?" And this is an incredible, lovable, wonderful woman! If I knew this guy I'd ask him this question myself (and maybe slap him around a bit)!