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September 20, 2010

Queen: "You're My Best Friend" bass lesson

If you play the bass guitar, or just
love the bass guitar (it's both, in my case), you'll probably enjoy this. If you don't, you may not. By the way, this So-Cal bassist, who goes by Zuma, really, really knows his way around the 70s & 80s pop scene. I learned how to play a lot of AM Top-4o songs sitting in my bedroom in the mid-70s, plonking away on my first bass till I had figured out the riffs. If only YouTube had existed then! I'd have taken lessons from Zuma (who probably wasn't even born then).

Is good.


  1. Knowing that you at least used to play bass, I've wondered how much you play nowadays.

  2. My favorite bass playing is in the children's song: The Ants Go Marching (from the album: Baby Love - Baby Discovery). It's really out of this world.

    I'd send you an MP3 file of the song, Patrick, but it's about 4 MB in size.