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July 13, 2010

The Legion of Christ to Meet in Extraordinary General Chapter


  1. Thank you, Patrick, for posting this. Their road to recovery will certainly be interesting.

    I pray to Saints Theresa of Jesus (reknown reformer) and Maria Goretti (pardoning victim) for the Legionaries and the Church.


  2. Thank you Patrick for keeping us current on the ongoing challenges of the Legionnaires of Christ. I, once upon a time seriously contemplated a vocation to their order. About twenty years ago I visited their formation house in Los Angeles to explore the possibility, and spent a thoughtful weekend with several other young men, some of whom traveled all the way from from Australia for the opportunity. Their disciplines were uplifting. As an example, they had a private devotion of a ten minute period of silence right after receiving the Holy Eucharist. The priest who offered the Holy Sacrifice knelt in thanksgiving with us, and while not part of the Mass proper, the act of thanksgiving, led by the priest was entirely edifying. Their fealty to founder was complete. I remember especially a short video they showed us with pride, of Father Maciel being received by Pope John Paul II. Father Maciel was very evidently pleased with the reception, as his smile was infectious to all of us watching. We, along with our priestly hosts, considered him perhaps a living saint. You can imagine my utter astonishment when the contrary proved to be true. When I approached a good priest friend concerning the breaking revelations of "nuestro Padre," he simply responded with the words of Luke 8:17, "for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known". And in that quaint response left me to understand that even amidst great trial and adversity, the Church and it's Scripture are still true, nay even prophetic. So be it.