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February 24, 2010

What goes around comes around, baby

These people's hypocrisy is staggering, boundless, sickening, but not at all surprising.

Dear Leader & Dems in 2005: complaining that the 51 vote "nuclear option" is "arrogant," a "power grab against the Founders' intent," etc.


  1. Yeah. Pretty blatantly shameless right there. Thanks for sharing, Patrick. We need reminders like this often.

  2. Say what you want about this but it's a two-way street. Both sides are just as guilty of this kind of thing.

  3. Democrats were right, but not at all honest here. They aren't any more against bombs, war or FOR national interests than the Republican Party is these days. It appears that most on either side of the aisle are just sides of the same coin.

    All these Democrat rants are nothing more than an illustration of how this left-right paradigm distracts us from what we really need to address as a nation...that we are being dissolved to become part of the New World Order.

    Our "public servants" (read self-servants) simply REFUSE to stop sending jobs and resources away from the very Americans who create and sustain them. While almost NONE of them do much at all to protect the most victimized, especially the unborn.

    Yes, I love a good conspiracy, but it doesn't make it any less true that this is what really is going on. Corporatism isn't working, and socialism DEFINITELY isn't going to protect us from being just the sort of people who get scooped up and shoved in cattle cars. (They'd rather us walk willingly into the cattle cars, but we are Americans after all).

    We must get local with all of our personal business: political, economic, and religious to take back our states (especially TEXAS!!!).

    One biggie we could work on is over-turning the 17th amendment.

    This man's voice sounds sort of weird, but it's a good video about the 17th amendment and it's effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTV6GlBfNIg&feature=player_embedded#

    Oh, and "Hi" Matthew and Patrick. Hope to be talking to you both soon!! Guess I sort of "outed" myself here as a nut. Enjoy!

    Cori Hyland

  4. I agree with the Democrat's hypocrisy here, but just as bad a video could be produced with Republican clips talking about how the so-called "nuclear option" was a justified course in order to pass their judges. Remember the "give the judges an 'up or down vote'" cry?

    Both sides are guilty of this garbage. I have never seen more people being disillusioned with their own parties (Republicans and Democrats) and being so turned off by the other at the same time. We're all in a real pickle.