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February 8, 2010

Gotta Love the National Catholic Reporter Crowd

Someone named Michael Sean Winters * has experienced another petit mal paroxysm of truculence against political conservatives, this time lashing out on the
National Catholic Reporter website against the recent Tea Party convention, sneering at pretty much everyone there for being, in his words, "birthers" (meaning those who question whether Dear Leader was really born in the U.S. or not). There's a discussion going on about that, one which I have little interest and no part in. Apparently, though, the fact that it's a topic of concern for some really gets his goat.


I bother to comment on this only because Winters' latest round of grumbling about conservatives, laden with his trademark snideness, contains a paragraph I can actually agree with! That is, I can agree with it so long as certain words are substituted:

"I am not a fan of guilt by association, but those conservatives liberals who wish to be taken seriously need to explicitly disassociate themselves from such nonsense [as Winters’]. There is a difference between a difference of opinion and being nuts. If you hang out with nuts and do not call them out on their nuttiness, people can be forgiven for thinking you concur. America needs a thoughtful and articulate conservative liberal political voice, but no such voice emerged from the proceedings in Nashville The National Catholic Reporter."

* I know who
Michael Sean Winters is. He has a penchant for referring to those with whom he disagrees as "someone named So-and-So," insinuating they are obscure. He did it again in the NCR blog post linked to above. (Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, eh, wot?)


  1. Darn. I wish I had thought of writing what you wrote. That was good.

  2. I kind of wonder myself about that someone named Winters and why he is blogging at that dubious Catholic website.

  3. I'd like to know why National Catholic Reporter is a dubious Catholic website.
    I have found them unbiased covering a range of subjects and giving Catholics a voice which does'nt always go down very well.