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January 18, 2010

Mr. Kilpatrick Comes Home

My grandson, Killian Patrick Madrid, born three months premature, came home from the hospital NICU a couple of days ago. My sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying for Killian and his parents, Tim and Nina. They are now happily all together under the same roof. Deo Gratias. (Click the pic for details on Tim's blog.)


  1. That is fantastic news! Awaiting similar news from my nephew's infant, Cortlan Ray, born 10 weeks premature after 15 weeks on bedrest when Mom's water broke... a real miracle, now one month old. On top of that, another son broke his femur just over a week ago while out sledding... they are a busy family (four kids, one in NICU, now able to nurse 4x's per day since yesterday, and another at home after surgery on his leg, unable to bear weight, hard for any three year old)... four kids total.

  2. What a little angel. God must have big plans for that boy! First American Pope perhaps?

  3. Praise and Glory to God. Holy Family keep you.

  4. Deo gratias! Wishes of good health and prayers!