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December 29, 2009

TIME Magazine's 2009 Person of the Year?

I'm sure Ben Bernanke is a nice man and all, but why is he being touted as the "Person of the Year"?

Back in the olden days, back before I became at least somewhat politically astute and hip to the ways of the world, I used to read TIME Magazine. Yes, I confess it, and I have repented of that folly. In fact, I stopped reading TIME years ago because its editors and writers seemed to be pathologically incapable of presenting commentary on the news in a balanced and objectively honest way. Not only are the stories and editorials imbued with liberal cant, the selection of stories is perpetually reflective of a distorted leftist weltanschauung that perceives everything only in shades of gray, pink, and rainbow.

Which brings me to this blog piece from the PIME Missionaries (a congregation of Catholic priests who minister primarily in India and Asia), who comments, "As the world waits for hyperinflation and a world government, Bernanke becomes 'Person of the Year.'"

The piece includes a number of good observations about why Ben Bernanke is an odd choice for this honor, including this one: "What better achievement to put in the resume of an otherwise average economics professor from Princeton, without much theoretical work or publications to his name."