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October 13, 2009

Pro-Life Mom of 6 Gives Whoopie & Baba Wawa Their Comeuppance

I post this excellent video clip of the feisty Rachel Campos-Duffy with gratitude to Patrick Archbold at Creative Minority Report for finding this beauty (I mean that literally and figuratively, by the way) and making me aware of her/it.

One commenter at CMR reacted to this video (BTW, I do not endorse his description of one of the viragos on "The View" as a "hag"), saying:

I HAD to watch this a second time. And when Rachel mentions the word abortion, you can actually see the ugly old hag (which one, right?) Barbara Walters' mouth open, letting all the flies out. Her expression is like, "Did this little brat REALLY just say that on MY show?????" But because the audience is SO DUMBSTRUCK that the most beautiful woman on that panel spoke so eloquently and made such a good point, there is just silence. No booing or jeering. And Barbara can't get it one of her pattent put-downs or sarcastic quip, at the risk of the audience turning on HER.

Why Does This Not Surprise Me? Abortionist Punches Woman in Face in Road Rage Incident

Here's how I figure it. This dufus has no problem slaughtering unborn children to make a buck, so why would anyone be surprised that he'd use violence to get what he wanted from this hapless woman accompanied by her two little kids who were watching in terror in the back seat as he beat up their mom? What he wanted, apparently, was revenge.

(Hmm. I wonder where all that rage could be coming from.)

Funny thing: Under the law, he'll probably get fined and might do a little time in the slammer for punching a young mom in the face just because he was angry — Because that's bad. It's Baaad. See? — And yet the same law protects and exonerates him as he performs his grisly abortions which, at least in the eyes of the law, is not bad. It's good! See how it works?

Lifesitenews.com reports:

Sandy Springs police have arrested abortionist Daniel E. McBrayer, 58, on charges of punching a woman in the face during an afternoon "road rage" incident last Monday.

Regina Ordaz says that McBrayer got out of his car at the intersection of Roswell and Abernathy roads, walked up to her car as she was stopped at a red light, and struck her in the face.

Ordaz says she thought that McBrayer was going to ask her for directions or tell her that something was wrong with her car. She also says that McBrayer had cut her off several blocks previously, but that she didn't know why the physician attacked her. Her 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were in the back seat at the time of the assault.

Ordaz followed McBrayer's vehicle a short distance in order to be able to give the police a description of the car, which led to the physician's arrest. She was treated at a local hospital.

This is not McBrayer's first brush with the law. He was disciplined in 2001 for performing second-trimester abortions in his Marietta office despite the fact that performance of abortions after the first trimester in a non-hospital setting or in an unlicensed abortion mill is a violation of Georgia law. McBrayer paid a $5,000 fine, had his medical license put on probation for 2 years, and underwent 20 hours of training in the "area of ethics" as punishment.

McBrayer was also involved in the 1989 death of 27-year-old Catherine Pierce, whose child he aborted.
After McBrayer performed the abortion, Catherine Pierce was left unattended and went into cardiac arrest due to complications from the abortion. This left her comatose before her death in a nursing home on October 10, 1989. An investigation into the safety of the facility where McBrayer worked was launched after this death.

Rose said McBrayer turned himself in Wednesday night at Sandy Springs police headquarters, where he met with detectives. He was taken to the Doraville Jail, and was booked on a simple battery charge. . . . (continue reading)
While you're at it, here's another post on the subject with some additional heartburn-inducing tidbits about this story.