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September 8, 2009

Hillary Clinton Chides Those Who Sneer at the Town Hall Meeting Protesters

I recently received the following e-mail from a Catholic fellow:

"Your charge that 'those currently in charge of the U. S. government... do not like to hear dissent from the governed' is patently false. What has appalled many Americans is the rude behaviour of those 'dissenters' who have shouted down other citizens, shown extreme discourtesy to Members of Congress, and used a show of handguns and rifles to engender fear. They have attempted to hijack public meetings in order to shut down public discourse. Their behaviour is shameful and should not be defended."

His comments were in reaction to a line from one of my recent e-mails about the upcoming Envoy Institute event in Charlotte on October 8th to pay tribute to Archbishop Charles Chaput. Obviously, it irks him that some Americans are vigorously raising their voices against what they see as serious problems in some of the governments proposals for health care. Well . . .

As this tense and tumultuous national discussion over health-care becomes more tense and more tumultuous (and, sadly, it shows every indication of doing so) I hope that the man who wrote to me, as well as all those like him who are irked by these "dissenters," will listen carefully to the following timley reminder from none other than Hillary Clinton.

And for the record, I absolutely deplore and condemn anyone who would suggest, call for, or carry out any kind ofviolence whatsoever.

But, like the man who wrote me that note, those who show contempt for and try to dismiss and marginalize those concerned citizens who publicly and even angrily challenge government proposals at the recent town hall meetings should pay particular attention to her message.

After all, she is sick and tired of their negativity toward "dissenters."

What Will You Say When God Asks: "Where Are Those Whom I Have Entrusted to You?"

This is an amazing sermon delivered two days ago by an unidentified Catholic priest. He discourses clearly and forcefully on a range of issues, especially the serious obligation we who are parents have before God to safeguard our children from moral dangers. Along the way, he makes a few startling comments about how the evil one tries to subvert children and, in particular, he advises parents to be on guard against letting a certain "strange man" speak directly to their children.
Give this a listen. It will be 18 minutes and 44 seconds of your life well spent.

P.S. In case you're wondering, the lion picture pertains to 1 Peter 5:8-9. When you hear this sermon, you'll understand why I added that graphic.

Equip Yourself to Discuss Abortion With Those Who Support It

HLI has some truly excellent, free resources to help you talk sense to those who are on the wrong side of this issue.