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August 27, 2009

The Spanish-Language Press Picks Up on the Kennedy-Fiedler-Madrid-Winters Kerfuffle


Polémica en los medios católicos estadounidenses sobre la valoración de la figura de Ted Kennedy tras su muerte

La muerte del senador Ted Kennedy ha provocado la proliferación de artículos y valoraciones sobre su persona en los medios de comunicación católicos de Estados Unidos. Mientras que algunos articulistas ensalzan su figura, otros recuerdan que su constante apoyo a la legislación en favor del aborto le incapacitan para poder ser considerado como un buen católico. En ese sentido, Patrick Madrid y Fr. John Zuhlsdorf no han dudado en criticar un artículo de la Hna Maureen Fiedler en el National Catholic Reporter. . . . (continue in Spanish)

N.B.: One mistake they made (easily forgivable) is that they call me an "ex-pastor protestante," when, in fact, I am a cradle Catholic and have never been Protestant. Just for the record.

America Magazine Goes After Me for My Response to Sr. Maureen Fiedler

Well, I feel as if I've finally "arrived."

True, over the years, my name has been mentioned disparagingly a few times in the pages of America, but what appeared in its online edition today has reached a whole new level of invective (even by America's standards of invective).

I responded yesterday to Sr. Maureen Fiedler's obit piece on Senator Ted Kennedy in NCR ("He Made Me Proud to Be Catholic"), and my comments obviously hit a raw nerve among that community of disciples over at America, as evidenced by my being roundly chastised by one of their writers today.

Honestly, I don't think my remarks were in any way untoward, but clearly, that interlocutor disagrees. In just six irrate paragraphs, he manages to brand me me a "boor," a "loudmouth," "ignorant of history," "callous," "inhumane," "indecent," and "hateful" — all the while insinuating that my comments on this issue (and those of other pro-life people) are simply a "rant."

Kettle, meet Pot. Pot, meet Kettle.