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May 13, 2009

See For Yourself How it Looked at Fatima in 1917

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Father Z Pins the Tail on the Donkey

You simply must read Father John Zuhlsdorf's brilliant and devastating analysis of "the ultra-left-wing National Catholic Reporter [which] has an editorial in which they reveal their darkest fear:
...the goalposts have shifted in the U.S. episcopacy in the past decade – and they have swerved in a decidedly rightward tilt on both the ecclesial and political spectrums.
As you read this mournful baying of desperation, keep in mind that the NCR editors know they have lost the Catholic identity debate.  

Catholics cannot be pro-abortion.  
NCR and their pack are still weakly proposing we can be soft on a politicians pro-abortion agenda if they are doing other good social justice things. They claim this will really result in a reduction of the number of abortions anyway.   

They know now that they have 
lost that argument because it is being made clearer and clearer from pulpits and in the blogosphere and press that Catholics cannot support abortion.  We can differ on how to help the poor but we cannot compromise on the fundamental human right: the right to life precedes the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What follows in this long 
NCR editorial is a demonstration of desperation.  Because they have lost the Catholic part of the argument they now fall back on the only weapon they have left: party politics. . . . (continue reading)