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May 12, 2009

More Water Under the Bridge as Archbishop Weakland Makes His "Announcement"

I suppose this AP story about Archbishop Weakland publicly admitting his homosexuality was intended to be a "bombshell," but it's really more of a dud of a scud missile that everyone saw coming, long ago. There's no need to rehash the sordid details here, this article does that for us.  But I would like to comment on one thought that came to mind as I read this sorry tale. 

Many years ago, perhaps as many as 20, I read an interview by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a Catholic psychotherapist who specializes in counseling homosexual men and women, in which he asserted that he knew for certain that there were at least 3 or 4 (I'm paraphrasing here) actively homosexual Catholic bishops. I recall the emotions of shock and anger and  . . . credence . . . that washed over me when I read that claim. Shock that a bishop -- a bishop! -- as well as priests could be implicated thusly ( I see now how utterly naive I was back then), anger that someone would even make such a claim about Catholic bishops, and, yes, credence -- a slowly unfolding, dread-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach kind of horrified realization, that this vile claim just might be true.

And, oh boy, was it ever true. Much more than I ever could have imagined back then. It is a truism to say that a lot has happened in the Catholic Church since the 1980s, back when the very suggestion that homosexuality was a widespread problem among the clergy then (and quite possibly even now), a lot of terribly murky, fetid, noisome water has passed under the bridge.  How much more such flotsam will pass by as the years flow into the past and as the Catholic Church (please God!) gradually becomes more purified, repaired, renewed, and restored by God's grace and by the courageous, heroic virtue of her priests and bishops, religious and laity? How long, O Lord? How long?