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April 30, 2009

As a Catholic Apologist, This Is Not What I Mean By "Apologist"

But it's pretty hilarious, even so!

Shut Up

Does it Count? Here's the Bottom Line on Sunday Obligation

Most Catholics find themselves, from time to time, feeling a little blasé about fulfilling their “Sunday Duty.” No, that doesn’t refer to getting coffee and donuts on the way home from Mass, it refers to going to Mass. Sometimes Catholics slip into a minimalist mindset about their Sunday obligation of going to Mass, wondering to themselves, “What’s the absolute minimum of time I have to put in to ‘make it count’?”

Do you feel that showing up for weekly Mass is often no more than a roll call? And when it does feel that way, then are the spiritual goods still evident in your life? Do you ever find yourself asking, “Does it Count?” Do you struggle with some of the “requirements” of being Catholic? Come on . . . not even with one or two? Aha! That’s what I thought. So check out this very helpful Envoy Magazine article by Eric Scheske . . .

We Are At War! Are You Ready to Fight the Good Fight?

Bishop Robert Finn recently declared: "We are at war!" I couldn't agree with the good bishop more, and in response to his rallying cry, I have devleoped a plan to help Catholics everywhere get into high gear as the "Church Militant." Please click the banner to see how you can take part in this new apostolic project to combat error with truth and darkness with light. Join me!

Extreme Home Makeover — Depression Edition

I’m a California native, born & raised, and lived there most of my life. I never imagined I would ever see anything like this. Could it be a bizarre portent of worse things to come? I am starting to become inclined to think so. I hope I'm wrong. What do you think?

More Proof that Contraception & Abortion Are Killing Our Culture

For years, I've been giving lectures at parishes and conferences warning about the dire demographic consequences we are going to experience as a result of the blight of contraception and abortion. Here's a good depiction of what I've been saying, with a twist.