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March 24, 2009

The Flood Waters Are Rising, And This Guy May Be the Helicopter

You know the old story about the guy who's caught in a flood. As all his neighbors are evacuating, he is determined to stay put in his house, and no amount of their entreaties can persuade him to join them in escaping the rising waters. He tells them that God will save him and, as they scram, he prays earnestly for divine deliverance.

The flood waters rise and flood his house. And he keeps on praying. Soon, rescue workers in a pontoon boat float by and urge him to jump in. He declines, saying that he is certain that God will answer his prayers and save him. Soon, he's forced to climb up onto the roof, and another boat sails over to rescue him, but he declines. He is waiting for God to act and save him. A short time later, another boat passes by, its occupants pleading with him to climb on board and head with them to safety. He refuses, determined to wait for God's response.

He is now standing on his tiptoes on the highest gable of his roof, and the flood waters are swirling around his neck. It looks like the end is near, when a rescue helicopter, seeing him in his last extremity, swoops down with a rope ladder lowered to him. The pilot calls out to him over the loudspeaker to grab the ladder and be carried to safety. But he won't budge.

"I believe that God will help me out of this danger!" He shouts back, his words lost in the din of the rotors. The helicopter pilot shakes his head in saddened disbelief and flies off.

A few minutes later, the flood waters rise over the man's head and he drowns.

Now, he's standing at the pearly gates and asks St. Peter in hurt astonishment, "How come God didn't save me? I prayed and prayed and nothing happened!"

St. Peter leans down toward the fellow and says, "The Good Lord sent you three rescue boats and a helicopter. What more did you want?"

That venerable adage contains a lot of truth. And while it doesn't make for an exact parallel with this video you're about to watch, I think there is enough of a connection that we should keep it in mind as we think about what things we should do to prepare for turbulent times ahead, trusting in the Lord's gracious providence while at the same time using our common sense and being prudent. Think about that when you watch this video clip of Gerald Celente's latest warning about the coming economic collapse.

I've brought you commentary by Gerald Celente on this blog before. Some of you have sent me notes to say that, as grim and frightening as his economic forecasts have been (and he has shown an amazing track record of bang-on-the-bullseye accuracy with his predictions), listening to his message has helped clarify your own thinking about what moves you need to be making now to be less vulnerable when the guacamole hits the fan.

Scoff if you like, but I seriously doubt you'll be scoffing in a year or so.