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February 28, 2009

The Mysterious Case of The Unfollowed Blogs

A few days ago, something weird happened with several of the blogs I follow. Unbenkownst to me, and not due to anything I did, the Blogger system somehow made me stop following a number of great Catholic blogs I like to keep track of. I never did find out how that happened, but several of you good people contacted me in puzzlement to find out why I stopped following you. In actual fact, I didn't stop, Blogger stopped me.

I was able to go back in and re-follow most of the ones that dropped off (by the way, that same day a good 15-20 of my blog's followers mysteriously and suddenly disappeared), but one of you in particular sent me a note about this through e-mail? Twitter? Facebook? I can't remember where the note came from and, therefore, I can't find it or respond to it! Nor can I re-follow your blog till I figure out who you are. You know who you are. I'm really not ignoring you.

But here's a clue. This particular person posted on his blog a clever picture of the Tombstone lawmen saying they were going to track me down and bring me back. But as I say, I can't remember which blog that is. 

So, okay, Tombstone Guys, here I am. Out here in plain sight in the middle of the street at high noon. If you want to bring me in, show yourselves, and we'll get her done.

The White Man's Burden

Are you interested in Catholic / Protestant debates and discussions on central theological issues, such as the authority of Sacred Scripture? If so, you'll likely enjoy listening to this classic debate on sola scriptura I did with a certain Protestant apologist back in 1993.

A lot of folks (several thousand, in fact) have listened to the recording of this debate over the years with great profit. You can download it instantly as an MP3 file here. And, of course, it's also available as a 2-disc CD set.

You might also want to check out “The White Man's Burden,” a follow-up article I wrote, discussing this debate, in This Rock Magazine, shortly afterward.

And if you're interested in exploring my other public debates with Protestant ministers, Mormon spokesmen, and others, you'll find many of them here. Enjoy.