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February 23, 2009

Fr. Roderick on the Newly Twittering U.S. Bishops

Father Roderick — a Twitter magnate in his own right — reports on how the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference has hooked up with a new and rapidly growing online Catholic community at Twitter. Don't know what Twitter is? Don't worry, you soon will. Though if you've been reading this blog for the past couple of months that it's been in existence, you already know.

More and more individual Catholics and catholic organizations are discovering Twitter as a new medium to communicate with a world wide audience.

You can now even follow the U.S.  bishops via Twitter. USCCB Media Relations represent the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to the media and the media to the bishops.

On twitter.com/usccbmedia, you can read important news updates straight from the bishops, like today’s nomination of Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan as the new archbishop of New York, the most prominent post in U.S. Church. (article)

Oh, and when you get started Twittering, if you haven't already, do look me up. My T-handle is patrickmadrid

Some Pics from Timothy & Nina's Wedding

The radiantly beautiful and happy couple, (my son) Timothy and Nina (née Pezzutti) Madrid, were joined in the sacrament of holy matrimony on February 14 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Columbus, Ohio.

Festivities ensued.

They spent a week in Italy — Rome and Naples — for their honeymoon.

This 1981 Movie Eerily Describes What's Happening Today

Hey, everyone! Here's a great way to start your week! (/sarcasm).

Seriously, though, take a look at this montage of scenes from the 1981 movie “Rollover,” which depicts a catastrophic global economic implosion. It could have been made today, in 2009, for its grim scenario is unsettlingly similar to some things we're seeing today.

Also, check out this interview on the economy and dangers we face, especially the last two minutes of the interview. Some very grim predictions here: