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January 12, 2009

Members of the Religion of Peace Go for a Walk

This shows, as clearly as anything could, why England, like the rest of Europe, will soon be swept into the maw of radicalism. At least 50 London cops are cowed into submission. Where was the police effort to send in reinforcements and take a stand against these people?

Hey, United States and Canada. Are you paying attention? This stuff is coming here. (Courtesy of Jihad Watch.)

Lucid Posts and Comments

Hello all. My name is Fr. Bud Pelletier, I am pastor of a parish in the Diocese of Phoenix. Patrick has asked me to be an occasional contributor to his blog. Who am I to say no to a man who wants to drag his new-media communication tool into the ground.

I'm sure you will all expect lucid posts, witty comments and deep spiritual insights - all of which are beyond my abilities. I think Patrick asked me to help to provide comic relief.

But I'm here now, he's given me access, and the world shudders in terror.

Fr. Bud

Check Out This New Podcast, Even Though I'm On It

Parts one and two are loaded up here: http://www.fullnessoftruth.org/podcast/FOT_No_2.mp3

Here's My “Open Line” Radio Show From Last Thursday


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