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November 17, 2009

Some words of encouragement for those who predict the imminent end of the world

“When you wish upon a falling star, your dreams can come true. Unless it's really a meteorite hurtling to the Earth which will destroy all life. Then you're pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for. Unless it's death by meteor.”


  1. Patrick your not despised in the eyes of many. - Rene

  2. LOL. Definitely NOT one of MY wishes.

  3. Thanks. This means a lot to me!

  4. We're hosed, but the Word of God is eternal, but who would propagate The Word? Would it matter? Despite our fate, God will always be there.

  5. "The stars will be falling from the sky . . . and then they will see 'the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory'" (Mark 13, NAB).

    So much for the despair!


  6. While I don't think "death by meteor" is in their New World Translation, this may be of some comfort to Jehovah's Witnesses who have been waiting impatiently for the end since the late 1800's. Maybe there's a hieroglyphic on the great pyramids about meteors?