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November 25, 2009

Nancy Gave Me My Christmas Present Early This Year

Whoever said Catholic apologetics isn't cool?

The all-new "PatMan Ultra-Glide Jet Pac" is a new addition to a steadily expanding array of of high-tech apologetics tools that I've been assembling for awhile. Sometimes, I just have to get somewhere in a hurry to debate a Protestant minister, thwart a pair of Mormon missionaries, or stymie a cadre of JWs.

That's just how I roll.


  1. Why am I hearing Mighty Mouse singing, "Here I ammmm, to saaaave the daaaaaay!!" I love the PatMan! Just make sure you have a nice soft haystack to land upon when you're done.

  2. You could team up with Iron Man and this world would be a much better place!

  3. I want to buy the action figure!
    To use in my apologetic puppet shows, of course! The kids will love it!

  4. Blessed is he who buzzes and zooms in the Name of The Lord!

  5. Love it! I like the cool gadgets you have on your site. I clicked "listen now".
    Also, love the comment by KB3JA "Blessed is he who buzzes and zooms in the Name of The Lord!

  6. Oh My! I thought you were going to report that Nancy was pregnant with your 12th!! This was mildly disappointing. Thanksgiving Blessings to all of the Madrids!

  7. PatMan: The Catholic super-hero, defender of true faith. LOL

    Buy the action figure! Now with kung-fu grip, anti-heresy ray and Bible tool belt. XD