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September 8, 2009

What Will You Say When God Asks: "Where Are Those Whom I Have Entrusted to You?"

This is an amazing sermon delivered two days ago by an unidentified Catholic priest. He discourses clearly and forcefully on a range of issues, especially the serious obligation we who are parents have before God to safeguard our children from moral dangers. Along the way, he makes a few startling comments about how the evil one tries to subvert children and, in particular, he advises parents to be on guard against letting a certain "strange man" speak directly to their children.
Give this a listen. It will be 18 minutes and 44 seconds of your life well spent.

P.S. In case you're wondering, the lion picture pertains to 1 Peter 5:8-9. When you hear this sermon, you'll understand why I added that graphic.


  1. i wanna know who that exorcist is he talks about. "not to listen or even look at him" (obama) wow.

  2. who is this priest btw? does anyone know?

  3. Thanks Patrick. Is there a site that posts this priests' homily's on a regular basis? I would like to hear more.



  4. If anyone likes this priest you will also like Father Altier. His homolies are kept at the site below. Orthodox as can be and not afraid to speak the truth.

  5. here's the link..


  6. Amazing. It is everything that my husband and I have observed about the public schools in our city. It has borne the most bitter fruit in our children and, just this morning, I decided that it was time for me to take them back.

    This has put steel into my resolve.

  7. This is a sermon which could have been given by Saint John Bosco--all parents should be so blessed to hear it! I have posted it on my blog, with credit to you. Thank you, Patrick, and may Our Lady smile upon you, particularly on this, her birthday.

  8. Mr. Madrid, and others, please visit the site below for more EXCELLENT sermons by some very holy-sounding priests (I don't know any of them so I can't speak internally). On second thought, I actually do know one of them, but when you get to the site you'll understand why they don't post their names. Please respect such requests for privacy.


    Under the Mercy,

    Matthew Wade

  9. How is this priest any different than Rev. Wright? Both are disgraces. This priest's sin is the spirit of contentiousness. Reduce your religion to politics, one of the tricks of Screwtape. I've seen priests go down this route. It never ends well.

  10. Audio Sancto asks that the priests not be identified. They have to stay focused on ministering to the community to which they are assigned and do not want those of us outside of their purview to become a distraction.

  11. The antichrist is behind Obama. Our country voted for someone who literally will dump a baby in the garbage. INFANTCIDE. Nothing more can be said but PRAY PRAY PRAY! God will be here shortly to protect and GUIDE us!

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  13. Thanks for posting this! Not only the parents but also the Bishops must fight really hard against all the vicious attempts by governments to kill the catholic faith.

    From Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  14. As a brother priest, I am saddened and embarassed at this homily that takes liberty with the episle reading to lambast public schools, teacher, our president, and even our own catholic schools. He reminds me of the undeducated preachers who find satan lurking behind every tree and bush. At one time the devil was found in alcohol and dancing. Now its liberals and modern culture. This type of sermon creates nothing but fear and confusion in our people, and makes Catholics to look like mindless bafoons.
    The Right Reverend

  15. Dear Father,
    I know this priest. He is another Cure of Ars. He is the genuine article. His Charity and fatherly love is not only spoken, but lived out in his daily life and dealings with others. He is like another Christ and in the confessional you really experience this reality. The devil is behind sin - he works very hard against us. This is a reality that can not be ignored. Ignoring the devils existence is behind a lot of what is wrong with this world. A good shepherd protects his flock and this is what he is doing.

  16. But, Fr. Michael commenting above, this priest is not talking about drinking and dancing, this priest is speaking about a President who supports killing babies. What part of that don't you understand? You call it "Liberal," God calls it "murder of the most innocent." And you, Father, can't change that reality by your deceptive use of words.

  17. Right Reverend: If you don't see the evils that public schools and modern culture are wrought with, I am saddened for you. I pray for the few priests who have the courage to deliver homilies that actually warn us about the evils that are out there and remind us of our obligation to our ourselves and our children. I saw nothing fearful about his sermon - quite the opposite. I saw hope and courage. I'm so weary of the milquetoast homilies of the so-called 'educated' priests that the majority of us have to suffer through every Sunday - those that always end with a question rather than a statement. I'm weary of those same homilies that never address the minds of our youngest and most vulnerable parishioners. Children need bold statements to grasp on to, not theoretical questions because they don't always have the moral foundation to be able to come to the proper conclusion. And what about the evils that are so prevelant in our so-called Catholic colleges? Is that where you were 'educated'? What about your children (flock)? You have the same obligation to them as parents do to their children to speak of evil and show us what it looks like. How are you going to answer when you are asked on your judgement day, "where are those I have entrusted to you?"

  18. Hi Father Michael, I am praying for you and your quick return to the Catholic Faith. May God open your eyes with the light of His Grace and have Mercy on your soul, as accountable as you are for all of those under your care. Also, I pray for your parishoners and those influenced by whatever you may be preaching. God bless.

    In Christ,

    Matthew Wade

  19. For people who want more of this go to www.audiosancto.org


    'If I had to advise parents, I should tell them to take great care about the people with whom their children associate . . . Much harm may result from bad company, and we are inclined by nature to follow what is worse than what is better.'

    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

    'Obviously the need of this Christian instruction is accentuated by the decline of our times and morals. It is even more demanded by the existence of those public schools, lacking all religion, where everything holy is ridiculed and scorned. There both teachers' lips and students' ears are inclined to godlessness. We are referring to those schools which are unjustly called neutral or lay. In reality, they are nothing more than the stronghold of the powers of darkness.'

    Pope St. Pius X, 'Editae Saepe'


  20. I wish that this kind of homily be preached more frequently in our Catholic churches these days. We have the obligation to identify evil by name and this priest did just that. We cannot fight evil if we are afraid to name it. I've read several books about exorcism and all of them mentioned how hard it was for the exorcists to make the devils reveal their names because they knew the moment they did that was also when they were about to be defeated!

    Praise be to God for we still have courageous holy priests like this one who are not afraid to speak the truth.

    "Be not afraid" was what the great late Pope John Paul II said when he was elected pope.

    Martin Nguyen

  21. I agree with Father Michael. While danger lurks in our culture; in both public and parochial schools, we mustn't overreact or become alarmists. TRUST IN JESUS! He gave us the Sacraments and many other gifts through the Church. We should stay close to them, use them and teach our children to do the same. We cannot spread the Gospel by shutting ourselves off from the world as sinful as it is. Indeed, we are in a battle with the enemy. But Soldiers do not fight by staying at home. We are a Christian army and Jesus is our head. He is alive and well and will not abandon those who love him, even if they are attending public schools.

  22. I agree we should stay very close to the sacraments and use sacramentals. Holy water, salt and oil. We should talk more about the reality of the Devil. He's not a cartoon character to laugh at and pretend he does not exist. Speaking from experience, which I am not going to get into in this post. He is a fallen, and very powerful angel out to destroy souls if you let him. Everyone has to fight the flesh,the world and the DEVIL. Hell is real and should be preached about more often. The Ten commandments were given for good reason. Parents should be more involved in instilling a moral compass in their children. Stay involved in the schools and see what their learning Pray the rosary good and often for your families and the world. God Bless. I know I continue to pray for the world and families.

  23. At my first parish, all the principals in the county were Catholic. When I was pastor in a University town, half the administration and staff were Catholic. And where I'm at now (a town that's 80% Catholic with 10k+ in my parish), most of the schools chose to turn O'B off.

    I can preach the truth without fear-mongering, thank you very much. That sermon was all about him, feeding his ego about how righteous he presumes himself to be. Screwtape would love it. If he were my assistant, he'd have been gone Monday.

    And how often does it need to be repeated: you do NOT bring persons or parties to the pulpit. He could have preached on the topic and not mentioned O'B by name or his specific actions. We have 7000 documented saves at local CPC's and we didn't have to mention O'B once.

    As Simon on American Idol said to Adam Lambert when he sang Ring of Fire, this sermon was "absolute indulgent rubbish." Sure, do it in a column or a magazine, but don't abuse the pulpit in that way.

  24. 'For the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven will be closed to many babies because of their parents' bad rearing.'

    Pope St. Gregory the Great

    'Get out of the filth of the horrible torrent of this world, the torrent of thorns that is whirling you into the abyss of eternal perdition. . . This torrent is the world, which resembles an impetuous torrent, full of garbage and evil odours, making a lot of noise but flowing swiftly passed, dragging the majority of men into the pit of perdition.'

    St. Jean Eudes

  25. Funny, Pius XII brought persons and parties to the pulpit and condemned them specific condemnation.

    The idea that we've reduced what BHO is all about (and by definition all of what modern culture celebrates) to be just another set of policies we may or may not agree with shows how far we've descended. Even we who would condemn the policies they stand for, we think we should confine our actions to the ballot box. It is clear we now tolerate its existence.

    At what point has a party or a person reach such depravity and abject evil that it must be called out by name and party? When, if not after tens of millions of slaughtered children, debauchery taught and celebrated, the most basic natural law trampled upon?

    Where is the line people, if we have not yet crossed it?

  26. We are obligated to identify evil by name and this priest did just that. How can we fight evil if we are afraid of naming it? What is it that we’re fighting against?

    It could be because this kind of homily had not been preached extensively enough through out the U.S. that more than half of the U.S. Catholics voted for Obama, the unborn-children killer.

  27. This comment is for Paul, who says he is a Priest:
    What are you doing watching garbage TV like pagan American Idol? Think of the name of the show please!

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Dear "Father" Michael,
    How shameful. You are more closely related to the "brother priest" from Notre Dame, "Father" Richard McBrien who feels, "...there is little or no need for extraneous eucharistic devotions. The Mass itself provides all that a Catholic needs sacramentally and spiritually.

    Eucharistic adoration, perpetual or not, is a doctrinal, theological, and spiritual step backward, not forward."

    (link to article - http://ncronline.org/blogs/essays-theology/perpetual-eucharistic-adoration)

    Printed in the National Catholic Distorter (sic), no less. You might as well learn Catholic Theology by watching "The View."

    Uneducated, mindless, BUFFOONS - Indeed!!! And, in deed.

  30. Martin: we are not allowed to name persons identifying them with evil (except maybe well-known historical figures, not current politicians), nor political parties. We may talk about issues and legislation. The Archdiocese taxes me enough. Last thing I need is the IRS taking its chunk. ;-) (Seriously, read the law.)

    Veritas: FSSP. I should have guessed.

    All: I've seen a priest like this preach at every daily Mass to a group of 6 old ladies about the evil of abortion. He died a bitter man. The sweet old ladies never heard the Good News in those years.

    When I preach on abortion, the people go home enlightened, inspired, and active in making the Good News known. On one occassion I simply asked for support for the local CPC. In that one second collection we doubled the largest amount we had ever done in a second collection.

    When I preach about abortion, I place a particular emphasis on Evangelium Vitae #99. When you preach to 10k+ people every weekend, chances are you've got a few who need to hear it. The FSSP priest should have read it.

  31. Dear Paul:

    I will address you as "Father," because of the respect due to your holy office, though you do not address yourself as such.

    How sad that you are so critical of such a sound Catholic sermon. Perhaps if you got out of your armchair long enough to stop watching American Idol, you would recognize solid Catholic doctrine as such.

    It's too bad you could not quote from the myriad writings of the saints in order to justify your position, but you had to resort to the sagacious sarcasm of Simon Cowell.

    Lord, deliver us from couch potato priests.

  32. Father Paul,
    The fact the priest mentioned some examples from his life experiences to emphasize certain points does not make the sermon all about him. The comment "absolute indulgent rubbish" should really be reserved for Satan's tactics.
    His sermon was about the salvation of souls of children. I have three children who are now young adults, and I pray continuously for their souls. Their souls have been heavily attacked through the years and are still. Our family has endured some very difficult and unbelievable attacks that were pitted against our children. I pray for them and the salvation of all souls.
    Saving the innocence of young children's souls is a dear task and should be taken seroiusly. He is giving good advice about protecting children. Jesus has said to let the little children come to Him and woe to those who hinder that.
    There is the question of the use of the name O'B. We do not know the context of this particular sermon nor do we know the setting nor to whom it was directed etc. Perhaps we should not judge.
    Finally, the salvation of souls is the end desired. It is imperative to protect the innocence of children; their innocence is closest to God. Remember, we must be like little children to inherit the Kingdom of God.
    Finally, I respect you because you are a priest ,and you bring to us the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Let us all open our hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

  33. There is no Sin greater than its Forgiveness.
    It is difficult these days to live a good life - but we must try. To Demonize a person makes us no better than those who demonize us. You are each to be a Beautiful Light of the Lord - shining from a mountain, surrounded by despair, godlessness and death. Whether you realize it or not, there are those who will follow the light in the darkness, who are quietly looking for the way - Become a light of Hope - Show others what Love is. It is forgiving. Pray for those who persecute you.

  34. Ha, thanks Jane. I have more than 10,000 parishioners to care for, and I'm by myself right now (waiting for a new assistant). I do 30 baptisms every Saturday, 8 scheduled Masses, plus a wedding or QuiciaƱera or two (total of 10-12 Masses every weekend). Never mind the funerals and emergencies and nursing home visits during the week. My last day-off was June(?).

    I love Americana, and American Idol is just part of it. It helps me understand the pulse of the people I care for. The kids talk about it, so do the parents. I think it's fun. In my last parish (OLPH, Carrollton, GA) one of the teens from my parish even auditioned. She sings a great Ave. My other favorite shows are cooking shows. Hehe.

    I'll just reiterate my problem with this sermon: he named names (which exposes us to IRS investigation), he named political parties (same), he missed an opportunity to preach the beauty of life and the Church's teaching. He was real good at making people angry. That's the only thing he was good at. I doubt he's even read Evangelium Vitae. But he's welcome to sign up, comment, and clarify the matter here. Oh sorry, there's that not wanting anyone to know his name or location thing as Veritas stated.

    I'll match my "couch potato" 10k+ member parish against his 100 members in an FSSP parish anytime. :-)

    Oh, and BTW, the comment was from St. Teresa of Avila who said, "Lord, spare us from sour-faced saints." ;-)

    And just so you know I'm not simply hiding behind a screen name, I am yours faithfully,

    Fr. Paul Williams, Pastor, St. Joseph's, Dalton, GA

    Look us up: www.sjccdalton.com

    The picture of me (we're still updating the website) is when I did a 21-yr-old active-duty fallen soldier's funeral (82nd, killed in Iraq, from Villa Rica). A little digging and you'll find another article about the latest active-duty soldier I buried (GA Ntl Guard, 148th, killed in Afghanistan), this one from Dalton. I'm the only priest in North Georgia to have buried any soldiers killed in this current conflict. I don't want to become an expert at it, even if several branches of the military have tried to recruit me (it's up to my boss +Gregory). But I do my duty, so spare me the couch potato stuff.

  35. Come Holy Spirit....

    When a Dahmer surfaces - or Bundy - it's easy to say, "Now that dude was definitely under the influence of some evil forces". We could sit and listen for 20 minutes to a homily of the way that these men 'lost their souls' and we would nod our heads in agreement with an enthusiastic Amen. Their crimes were so in your face. It was all over the news. They were a menace to society and they deserved to be called out and held accountable.

    However, the more subtle, seductive people that don't blatantly display evil....are more devil-like than the previously mentioned gents. All over Capitol Hill, it needs not be mentioned, is full of spiritual activity. There are some good Christian men working there. Perhaps some faithfully answering the call of the Holy Spirit - not squelching the Spirit when it calls upon them to work for Him. In contrast, there are some super-worldly men working there. Those are the ones that are prone to be influenced by the princes and principalities of this world - likewise, not squelching those spirits when called upon.

    So it must be politics then, that gets priests all in a fizzy either because of their own personal party loyalty inherited from Catholic Union worker parents, or they don't want to deal with the repercussions of the homily they could have been inspired to preach. Politics seems to be the one place that many priests seem to think, that even angels dare not tread. Therefore, politics, more than any other field of work, is where the devil has been allowed to hide in the details and mass murderers flourish in the name of choice.

    So logically, angels do tread there - good and bad.

    As a layman, I know there are times when I squelched the Holy Spirit - times when I should have said or done something that I didn't say or do because of the fears of repercussions that would result. I wonder how many priests have done this?

    With abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, gay marriage, unjust wars, greed all being protected - or working to be protected...I wonder if God will ask the priests who dared not to speak out: "Where are those whom I have entrusted to you?" I wonder if God will ask those priests about the souls of the babies, or the crippled, or the elderly, or the gays who died of AIDS, soldiers, wealthy businessmen, doctors, lawyers......- that could have been saved if they would not have squelched the Holy Spirit and used the pulpit to it's full capacity to call evil what it is no matter if it was Republican or Democrat. They preach also for the souls of those who pass laws that allow this evil to exist, but the souls of the innocent and guilty alike - where if they would have preached that one inspired sermon, one more person would have been inspired to live God's will instead of the will of the political party.

    Don't lose site of the war between good and evil and the salvation of souls - in the midst of a world where loyalty to a political party is considered more sacred than loyalty to the Church....for in the end, to live like Christ, is to die like Christ.

    Hail Mary, full of grace,
    The Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst women,
    and blessed is the Fruit of They Womb, Jesus.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners,
    now and at the hour of our death.

    Queen of Peace, pray for us.


    God bless,

  36. I know the priest who preached this sermon and go to Confession to him. He is in no way "self-righteous" or "fear-mongering". He is very down-to-earth and honest. He has helped me and many others so much. I think he's saintly.

    If you think he's wrong, then pray for him. It's much more charitable than publicly condemning someone you don't even know.

    If you think he's right, then pray for him, he's going to need it.

  37. I know this priest personally. He has helped me more than I can say.

    Reverend Michael, you could not be more wrong about him. He is most humble. What you see as pride is really a lack of human respect. He does not fear man, but God and that makes him very wise. He would agree with your opinion of him, though.

    May the Blessed Virgin protect all priests like Father X. and may God give us more such holy priests!!!!


  38. I bet the 100 members of the FSSP parish would score highly on a Catholic dogma test though.

  39. Paul,

    I hesitate to give you proper respect, for you have shown none to the posters here, nore to the Father that gave one heck of an open hearted crotique of modern liberalism.

    For you to defend such is amazing to me. It reminds me of a northeast bred catholic that still go to mass to show off their Sunday best rather than to pray for their salvation.

    It is clergy like you that indeed caused the reduction of proud catholics countrywide.

    You sir are of in the biggest need. May our Dear God provide you the path to it.

    Amen to that!

  40. jayzeus said: "I bet the 100 members of the FSSP parish would score highly on a Catholic dogma test though."

    I bet they'd pass the Dogma test of a certain political party just as easily. ;-)

    Oh and I bet if I told them the demographics of my parish, they'd be livid.

    BTW, we do have an FSSP parish in our Archdiocese, and I am fond of the pastor. I was just not fond of this sermon (whoever preached it, no matter how holy he is). I find it ill-advised.

    Fr. Paul, Pastor, St. Joseph's, Dalton GA

  41. To Paul:

    Dear Father Williams,

    I have heard many fine priests give similar talks who are not with the FSSP, some diocesan in fact, so what makes anyone so certain this priest is with the FSSP? And exactly what do you have against the Fraternity anyway?

    Why do you label this sermon "bitter"? It is anything but that. I assure you, this sort of sermon draws crowds of young people, not just six little old ladies, who are hungry for the truth of their beloved Faith.

    This sermon is precisely the stuff that the Good News is, not the watered down mamby-pamby "my favorite color is plaid" type of sermons so many other priests are wont to give.

    Do you say the word "sin" from the pulpit? Or is that three letter word relegated to articles in columns few will read? Do you remind your 10,000 parishioners that certain sins will bring them to Hell? Read the lives of priests who became canonized saints. Catholics need to swim upstream and speak the truth. If more priests spoke like Father X, society wouldn't be in the mess it is today.

    We in the pew don't need to be affirmed, revelling in the false glow of self-esteem. We want to get to Heaven. Help us get there, good Father Williams, by preaching Truth, courageously, clearly, unambiguously, unabashedly.

    This audio is a sermon full of love of the shepherd for his flock. He cautions them, at the risk of jeopardizing himself, to keep away from the dangerous wolves. --So much like the Good Shepherd Who gave His life for His sheep, Whom I hope to one day meet.

    I for one, was extremely edified by what I heard. There was no anger in that sermon; therefore, it did not stir any anger in most listeners. I fear the only ones stirred to anger were those who are either ignorant of or flatly reject the teachings of the Catholic Faith. I applaud that priest and I pray our good God grant us many, many more like him.

    With all due respect, Father. I will take the liberty to pull a few of your quotes:

    First you wrote:

    "That sermon was all about him, feeding his ego about how righteous he presumes himself to be."

    Then you wrote:

    "When I preach on abortion, the people go home enlightened, inspired, and active in making the Good News known. On one occassion I simply asked for support for the local CPC. In that one second collection we doubled the largest amount we had ever done in a second collection."

    "When I preach about abortion, I..."

    Father, you used the word, "I" 20 times in three posts.

    That's the difference between you and Father X.

    He empties himself of himself to become an alter Christus. While the impression you portray, good Father, is of one who likes to blow his own horn.

    Sure, you boast that you are pastor of 10K. But remember, Father Williams, that comes with a grave obligation on your part. What will you say when God asks, "Where are those whom I have entrusted to you?"

    In this year of the Priesthood, I will pray for you, Father Williams, that you may reflect Christ in all you do, think, and say.

    In Christ,

  42. Regarding the personal antagonism expressed by certain commenters for one another in this thread, and particularly the comments directed at Father Paul and the Right Reverend, I'd like to direct readers to relevant comments I and Bill Doino wrote in "Catholics and the Culture of Hate":

    "An increasing number of Catholics have been overcome by a kind of spiritual split-personality disorder. Each week, they go to Mass, say their prayers, and perform corporal works of mercy, exuding the spirit of Christ. But then, at the witching hour — whenever that might be (often late at night, on the Internet, under the cloak of anonymity) — they turn into the most feral-minded polemicists, smiting and mowing down their opponents, especially those who happen to be Catholic.

    "The problem here, we believe, is a lack of understanding of what it means to be a Catholic. Catholicism is not a game of one-upmanship, to see who can make the most savage comment, or humiliate one’s opponent best, during an Internet 'flame war,' or elsewhere. Catholicism is about reaching out and embracing people and bringing them to Christ, and to the truth which His Church teaches.

    "We are in no way trying to stifle constructive, public debate — even among priests and popes. But it should always be done in a spirit of Christian charity, not hate.

    "Yes, Catholics can — and perhaps even should — disagree publicly but the judgment of other’s motives and consciences should be left to God.

    "Surely we can agree to follow the wisdom of Pope Benedict’s first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, which called upon all Christians to practice charity, citing St. Augustine: 'If you see charity, you see the Trinity.'"

  43. Thanks Jane. I listened again to Fr. X's sermon. I sign my name to my sermons. Go to www.audiosancto.org and they won't identify their priests (but he will be tracked down easily given the clues he gives in the homily). The second time I listened to his sermon, the worse it got. Fr. Michael, earlier, was correct. Fr. X condemns Catholic schools as an "absoulte catastrophe". Some are, maybe where Fr. X. works. Aside from cost, schools down here are solid, especially with the LC's. And he refers to the President as "Mr. Obama" and "that man". I'm no fan of Obama or his policies, and I will condem policies but not people. Civility? He told his congregation under no circumstances that the children of the parish were not to attend school that Tuesday when he had no idea what President Obama was going to say or even if the schools were going to air it (none in my county did).

    He quoted from a Papal encyclical regarding schooling in Nazi Germany and implied that it somehow was relevant to today's public and CATHOLIC schools. I noticed that he never quoted a Papal encyclical post-Vatican II (correct me if I'm wrong though, as he only gave credit to pre-Vatican II Popes except Humanae Vitae).

    In my first post, I pointed out that we have lots of good Catholic people involved from grade schools to University level, and they don't put up with it. Apparently, some people missed the fact that the early criticisms of Obama's proposed talk were taken into account and taken down. But no, he wants us to view our Democratic system as Nazism (personally, I think the elections of 2010 will change the game).

    But you know, there wasn't a bit of Good News in his sermon.

    Fr. X, sign up and defend yourself. Don't let your lackies do it for you. Sign your name. Give your church and town. You can get my phone number in one click. All you gotta do is click on my parish link above to talk to me.

    Let me repeat it for the slow people: www.sjccdalton.com .

    And Jane, yes, I do preach about sin - to help people grow in holiness. As far as "I", sorry I didn't count the number of times Fr. X. used it in his sermon. And he hasn't posted here. Why don't you listen again and count? In 18 minutes, I imagine you're going to hear it quite a few times. I counted 10 in the first 3 minutes, not counting the "me's" and "myself's".

    Fr. Paul

  44. Fr. Paul:

    your attitude reveals so much about our present predicament

  45. Oh, there are several other differences between Fr. Paul and Fr. X.

    1) Praying all the hours of the Traditional Breviary EVERYDAY is duty #1.
    2) Hours of Confessions everyday.
    3) Hours of spiritual direction everyday.
    4) Catechism classes for children and adults.

    ... that is just the beginning.

    Fr. Paul, how often do your 10k parishoners confess their sins? Do they know what sin is? Do you?

    Did you know that the Catholic Church began before Vatican II?

    Fr. X has no time for a show-down with you, here or anywhere. He is busy saving souls.

    Proud to be his "lacky".

  46. Father Paul, you have drawn a perilous line in the discussion by pointing out pre- and post-Vatican II references in a "keeping-the-score" manner. You do reveal a little more about yourself in each of your posts.

    It is also perfectly proper to refer to the President in a gentlemanly way as "Mr. Obama." Some could argue that civility would require us to NOT use the title of "Mr. President" when referring to him, as it tarnishes such a noble office. He is a public figure, we may not condemn him to Hell, but we can certainly critique and fight his policies and beliefs until the cows comes home, or Our Lord comes. Some have the zeal to do it from the pulpit, some don't.

    As far as "Good News", what do you want to hear? John 3:16 indeed Father! But you probably have not given a second thought to listening to any of the other sermons by this priest. I can tell you from personal experience that he preaches plenty of the Good News, and not just good news.

    And you end your desperate posting tirade by backing yourself up against the wall of ad hominem arguments. I grow more concerned for you as I re-read what you have written here. My good Father, I will pray for you (I just did) but I ask you to reconsider your childish antagonism on an internet message board to a man who isn't even present, and is probably too busy at his own parish to worry about signing on to Mr. Madrid's astute blog to "refute" your spurious spittle. Please meditate on the Gospel reading for today a little before posting again.

    I do remain yours in Christ,

    Matthew Wade

  47. We are there.

    We are at the point where it is the moral obligation of Catholic families, of all Christian families, to defend the innocence of their children by removing them, whenever possible, from the public school system.

    There are exceptions: Extreme economic hardship, or unusually decent government schools with unusually decent teachers who're unusually unimpeded by the dysfunctional system in which they work, in unusual districts -- usually rural ones in communities where most or all families are practicing Christians or Jews. These allow for some continued use of the government school system in some cases.

    Thus sending your children to a place where, more likely than not, immodesty and laxity and mediocrity and perversion and impiety and promiscuity and sloth will be normalized in their minds, is not *intrinsically* evil in the way that abortion is.

    But it takes an awful lot to justify it.

    Nearly any private school will do better; nearly any private Christian school will do far better; nearly any private Catholic school will do yet better still. And nearly any instance of homeschooling, or part-week "University Model Schooling," will run rings around a government schooling on a purely academic basis, setting aside the question of whether early immersion in a culture of sin qualifies as "being properly socialized!"

    We do not turn our economic lives over to government: We are not communists. We do not turn our religious authority over to government: We are not Caesaropapists.

    Why then do we turn our parenting and education and character formation duties over to government, for the vast majority of the waking hours of our children's lives? Are we Caesaromagistrists? Caesarocatechists? Caesaroethicists? Is that reasonable, is it rational? Is it responsible?

    No, but it's just so damned CONVENIENT.

    (For anyone who misunderstands...the preceding was not frivolous swearing. Think about it.)

  48. As a young Catholic (recently out of college), I have been dismayed to see how many of my peers, those with whom I attended school, or CCD, have abandoned their faith. Young adults are leaving the Faith in droves. I am happy to see that the priest who gave this homily is not afraid to instruct his flock and warn them of the dangers involved in attending a school that gives no spiritual (and often no intellectual) formation. Parochial schools are only slightly better. For example, a friend of mine who attended what is reputed to be a strong and faithful Catholic parochial school had to read sexually explicit books in high school. If at all possible, young Catholics should not be placed in such institutions. I can personally attest that my parents' decision to remove me and my siblings from public school not only saved, but strengthened our Catholic faith. Thank you, Father, for warning your parishioners of this danger!

    For me, one of the hardest parts of growing up in the Church was how often one felt abandoned by one's shepherds in difficult situations. I am sure this priest's congregation does not feel this way, as they have a pastor who will not only sanctify, but also teach and govern.

    Dawn Eden, while I agree that civility should be used in debates, I would like to call your attention to the fact that the first personal attack on this thread was how Fr. Paul spoke of the priest who gave the sermon. Fr. Paul said that this priest was feeding his own ego and self-righteousness. Is it so surprising that responses, especially by those who have personal friendship or loyalty with the priest would respond with anger?

    Father Paul, the way you are treating this priest is disgraceful. You have insulted his person, his faith, his motives, his parishioners, his religious order, accused him of shady political motives, and judged that he is not half the priest that you are all because you heard one eighteen minute homily of his. Is this a reasonable response? The priest knew that a president who supports genocide was going to be addressing the children of his parish, and he felt that he should warn these families of the danger. Though you may disagree with how he handled the situation, there is absolutely no reason to attack him personally, and attribute to him such malice.

    For those who are angered by what Fr. Paul is saying, I encourage you to simply ignore his comments until they are civil. Responding in kind will accomplish even less than Fr. Paul is accomplishing by his insults. Let his comments speak for themselves.

    And for the record, Fr. Paul, I do not know this priest, and I'm not a Republican.

  49. God bless this priest. I don't know him personally, but I know of many who have been helped much by his dedication and holiness.

    Just a few general thoughts about the topic being discussed in the combox. I'll try to stay general so as to the avoid the This Priest vs. That Priest game.

    As a culture, I think that we have become increasingly desensitized to the horrors of realities such as abortion, homosexuality, and contraception. These things have become such an indispensable part of the social vocabulary that the edge and bite that they used to possess has been so dulled and blunted as to hardly anymore exist.

    It is undeniable that as doctrinally Orthodox Catholics, we suffer deeply from this subtle desensitization. Sure, we fight against abortion. Sure, we contribute a few dollars to crisis pregnancy centers. Sure, we punch the ballot religiously for more-or-less pro-life politicians. These are all things we can do comfortably, and we salve our consciences by so doing.

    What people like Fr. X realize--and it is something that many of us don't--is the absolute horror that should be attached to realities such as abortion and homosexuality. Abortion. It is the open slaughter of countless human beings daily. Homosexuality. It is the vice that tears apart the very fabric of our culture, and will ultimately destroy it.

    Such vices need to be denounced. Those that facilitate and openly encourage the spread of such vices need to be denounced. By name. I know most of us believe that abortion is evil and we mentally acknowledge what it is--but do we REALIZE it? Do we truly realize what it is? When we hear about someone getting an abortion, do we react with the same amount of horror and sadness as when we read about a ghastly murder? If not, why not?

    Once we realize this, why do we see problems with denouncing by name those who encourage such abominations? When all is said and done, there is little difference between us and Nazi Germany. In many ways, they were better off. The clergy and hierarchy at the time had the courage and determination to speak up and denounce--yes, by name, and specifically--those who facilitated the horrors against God and against human dignity that were rampant in Nazi Germany.

    Why, I ask, do we recoil at taking a similar stance? What good reason could there be? Will our generation of Catholics be recorded in the annals of history as a generation who understood the times, but preferred comfort to heroism?

    God Bless the priest who gave this sermon. He seems to understand that our times demand desperate measures, and that our age cannot survive by means of mediocre responses to fatal dangers. May God grant us many clergy with true courage and true zeal. Heaven knows our country and our Church needs them.

  50. Father, you could sign your name to everything you say or write and the people clamoring for more of the same wouldn't be enough to distract you from your duties and responsibilities as this priest claims.

    Why? Because they get all they can stand free and without looking for it.

  51. I offer confessions at least 6 times a week, in addition to scheduling appointments. And my people do take advantage of it. Oh, and my assistant does the same.

    I haven't heard anyone defend Fr. X on his political remarks and his telling kids in his parish not to go to school. He compared the school system to Nazism, which would be a great offense to all the Catholic teachers, principals, professors and administrators in schools and universities, public and private, I've served.

    I have given talks in such schools. Funny, actually. I won the kids over by showing the kids the science of human life, and my debating opponent, the Planned Parenthood representative, could only talk about "we don't know when the soul enters the body", which was hilarious to the students because she didn't believe in the soul.

    I have taught in my former university ministry Pope John Paul's "Theology of the Body" and they loved it. College students begged me to come teach because they wanted a positive view of human sexuality rather than the "hooking up" culture and nihilism of the other students or the "you're going to hell" of the Fundamentalists.

    We complain when we see political candidates who support abortion speak in churches. We complain when the preacher openly supports or opposes political candidates from the pulpit. We do so because we believe in the Constitution. So do I. The Catholic Church is probably the only church that follows those rules. Why? Because we are perhaps the easiest to persecute and as they say, "anti-Catholicism is the last accepted prejudice."

    So yes, I'm going to call-out priests who abuse the pulpit supporting or opposing a political figure or a political party.

    We can preach, and I have, about these issues without ever mentioning a politician or political party or calling a person or a system "Nazis". Godwin's law: as soon as the Nazi's are invoked, the argument is over and the invoker has lost the argument.

    Fr. Paul, Pastor, St. Joseph's, Dalton GA

  52. bakerstreetrider said: "The priest knew that a president who supports genocide was going to be addressing the children of his parish, and he felt that he should warn these families of the danger."

    It's that kind of rhetoric that got Jim Pouillon of Owosso, MI killed today.

    Nevermind that Obama (who I do not support) never mentioned abortion but only encouraged kids to study hard and stay in school. Golly. Kind of thing a President does when school starts or he visits a school. Kind of like Bush 43 and Clinton and Bush 41 and Reagan did before him.

    But genocide? I don't even Fr. X mentioned that word.

    Fr. Paul, Pastor, St. Joseph's, Dalton, GA

  53. Dear Father Williams,

    I had hoped that my last post to you would be my last post to you. Unfortunately, Father, you continue to say worrisome things that can't be ignored.

    First off, you are becoming increasingly insulting, belittling in your comments: "Let me repeat it for the slow people"?! How demeaning of you.

    Next, you infer that that supporters of Father X are bigots and no doubt members of a certain political party. Equally demeaning.

    From that insult one can easily deduce that you must then be supportive of a certain political party whose Catholic politicians do everything in their power to defy Church teaching, then go on to receive sacrilegious Communions, and when one of them dies, gets heartily canonized at a funeral Mass. That's the reason why Catholics get upset when our churches get politicized--NOT because of the Constitution-- but because Christ is mocked.

    In addition, I took you up on your offer to view your website. By your parish website's posting of Justice Sotomayor's appointment, I can draw the conclusion that you are supportive of her, when so many pro-life groups and priests and bishops opposed her. Why, Father? Because of the demographics of your parish? What are you teaching your flock? That it's more important to support one of your own heritage than it is to fight for and support the protection of the unborn? That's a very condescending way to treat your parishioners.

    What I do wonder, is how a priest with a parish of 10K has enough time to write the numerous ad hominem attacks that you've managed to do. Something's got to give. I hope it's not your prayer life. Frankly, what you have written has been most uncharitable and so unbecoming of a priest.

    Worry more about sins (other than those of the peace and justice stripe). Worry less about the IRS.

    You won't attack a politician or political party, you claim, yet you have no problems attacking a saintly priest, who is a man of God, like you.

    Finally, you have insulted me by calling me one of Father X's lackeys. I am no one's lackey; I do not know Father X. But I do know a faithful and true priest when I encounter one. May God grant him many years, and if it were moral to clone, than Father X ought to be the first one cloned. As for you, Father, your words and attacks against a brother priest are causing scandal.

    I meant very seriously my statement that I would pray that you radiate Christ. I have remembered you at Mass today and in last night's Rosary. I will continue to pray for you throughout the Year of the Priest.

    Like your patron St. Paul, may the scales fall from your eyes so that you may see you are persecuting Christ.

  54. JMJ
    Quite interesting and disturbing to see the conversations that are taking place - and over what - because a priest decided to warn his flock about possible danger in allowing their impressionable children to listen and watch Mr. Obama. What is the hold Pres. Obama has over America? I sent an email to family members warning them about Obama's speech and several of them told me to take them off my email list! Now, isn't that warning "take it or leave it" type of stuff that you are free to put in the garbage, but no they decide that they will put a family member in the garbage instead. And all because of a warning of potential danger! I'm bewildered.

    Fr. Paul, I am embarrassed for you. You are acting below your dignity. What is it that riled you in the first place? The politics of the pulpit? There are far more offensive sermons that could be critiqued, like the ones that actually preach heresy! I get a little riled when my husband says something that is true about me or my methods, the Truth hurts! The Catholic schools are lacking, Obama stands for everything anti - Catholic, sorry if the truth hurts, but there it is.

    Maybe everyone should check out this article about the very possible hypnosis techniques that Obama uses to influence even the strongest and most educated of us all and then ask the question, WHY does this President want to speak to the children who are far more impressionable? And... Why such a reaction when he is called into question?


    Makes perfect sense why an exorcist warns not to watch his speeches or listen to them.

  55. I don't think it's fair to pin Jim Pouillon's murder (RIP) even indirectly on some pro-lifers' rhetoric. The man who shot Mr. Pouillon was a crazed pro-abort.

    I, for one, appreciate when a priest or bishop isn't afraid to use strong words when referring to the anti-life forces. Case in point: Father J. Patrick Serna of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas...


  56. Also, I think a good point to be made here is that ALL of us need to be very vigilant in letting our Faith be clouded with politics in any way. It is quite hard to do in this politically polarized environment. In what follows, I may miserably fail at my own advice, but we do our best.

    Obviously, faithful Catholics will tend to gravitate towards the GOP simply because the Democratic party is so repulsive and is basically the party of the godless, but it's become quite obvious that "not being the Democrats" is about the best thing the GOP has going for it. Neither party is the "Catholic" party.

    I don't think it's a legitimate criticism of Fr. Paul to associate FSSP with the GOP. It is probably true, however, that they are anti-Democrat. Given that the core Democratic values these days seem to be abortion and socialism, both completely antithetical to Catholic teaching, who can blame them?

    Abortion is an absolute horror. Anyone supporting it is not a reasonable person (or party), or someone worthy of any respect. They are certainly due charity, as is anyone - they are probably deluded.

    We do have to present the Truth without compromise. We also have to present it in the most winsome way possible - the goal is the salvation of souls.

  57. Jane, I must have missed the link to Sotomayor (unless it's part of an automatic newsfeed, which I'll have taken down). I've only been here since July 1 and were slowly cleaning up the website. Things like the "Prayer Requests" page were not handled well because they didn't use spam blockers like this website does. But my web manager is a volunteer, so it gets done when it gets done.

    As to the rest, I've said my peace. Oh, and most of your presumptions are wrong.

    Back to work - only six baptisms today, a wedding, and a QuinciaƱero (yes, a 15 year old BOY wanted to renew his vows, first time I've ever done that, it went well) and of course, 3 more Masses and confessions before each.

    Have a great week, Fr. Paul

  58. youngestof13 says: "There are far more offensive sermons that could be critiqued, like the ones that actually preach heresy!"

    Heck, I was preaching that more than 10 years ago:

    Read it and call me an Obama supporter or heretic.

    I still think Fr. X's sermon was ill-advised.

    Fr. Paul

  59. JMJ
    Dear Father,
    No, I did not call you an Obama supporter or a heretic and if that is what you interpreted I beg your forgiveness. Please be at peace. May God bless you and please pray for me as I will pray for you.

  60. I am so ever thankful to the priests on audiosancto.org for their wholesome Catholic homilies. I have derived much benefit from them, the priests of audiosancto.org will be in my prayers as will the priests who have commented on this blog.

    Thank you from a humble Catholic for taking serious your vow to look after those whom God has entrusted to you. I pray that God gives me the grace to watch over my young 6 month old son and any other children that God sends my way. I pray everyday that God will protect their Baptismal innocence, and it is the needed warnings from great priests such as those at audiosancto. org that gives us the tools to do cooperate with God's grace in protecting the innocence of our children.

    I believe that the priests at audiosancto take seriously their duty to look after those whom God has given to them as parishioners. Hopefully all of us take our vocations serious too and do everything in our power, above all, relying on God's grace to take care of those whom God has entrusted to us.

    God Bless you all.


  61. youngestof13, no worries, I didn't take it that way. It just seems others have. Notice in my sermon from 11 years ago, I was able to preach about the topic without naming politicians or political parties. (And I LOVE the Chesterton quote, I still use it today.)

    I guess what got my dander up was the insult to the public schools (and the Nazism stuff), when 95% of our kids go there and many of our parishioners teach/principal/or administrate there. I've seen lots of good there, and the statistics actually show that a public school graduate is more likely to keep his/her faith than one who goes to a Jesuit school. :-/ Hehe.

    And by your screename, congrats. My little sister has 10. Hope you go on to do great things.

    Off to duty, Fr. Paul

  62. I appreciate the insightful comments that many of you have made on this thread. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this.

    However, Father 10K's petty, smug, self-congratulatory attacks on his brother priest are an embarrassing exception. They stand in marked contrast to the measured, wise advice given by that priest whose sermon (and person) Father 10K has been busily sneering at here.

    What a shame to see a Catholic priest carrying on like this.

  63. It's about time priests preach the truth about evil. I would love to know this priest's name and also of the exorcist. Our own pastor tip toes around any, and I mean ANY issues like abortion, evil/the devil,homosexuality, etc.

  64. Patrick, I think Dawn Eden had the most insightful post in this thread.

    And I stand by my comments. "Tone" on the Internet is often hard to discern, and you facilitate it by blogging like this. But I do know that if you had posted a link to a sermon by a priest who preached something in support of the errors in modern American culture and Catholicism, you and your commentators would be all over him, without a thought for attacking a priest. Golly, that's what they did to me when I didn't bow down to Fr. X's supposed great sermon. His topic was great, his delivery was good, but I've already pointed the problems that I had with the sermon. And my rhetoric (which I admit can sometimes be direct) was no different than his in his sermon. Go back and listen and read.

    Debating on the Internet has its uses, I've been doing it since the days when the only place to debate on Catholic issues was on AOL (ha!). I learn a lot from even the commentators I disagree with. And doing so without the anonymity possible on the 'Net I think makes the debate more honest. You ought to consider that: you sign your name, why not all your commentators and preachers you link to?

    Fr. Paul

  65. I don't think Fr. Paul has been as bad as you describe, Patrick. He has said a few things I disagree with, and hasn't been perfect in charity either, but I certainly don't think he's been any worse than many of the commenters have acted towards him.

    Fr. Paul does seem to be an orthodox priest who has disagreement with the tone and perceived extremeness of Fr. X's homily. I come down somewhere in the middle, so I can understand both sides.

    I think that we owe more respect to a priest of Jesus Christ. Fr. Paul is definitely right that Dawn's comment is the best one on this thread.

  66. I appreciate your point of view, Dave, but I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. Father Paul may be an orthodox priest (I have no way of knowing), but his behavior on this thread has been an embarrassment, and that's a fact.

    Father Paul, it doesn't seem to have occurred to you that when you make rash accusations like the one you made in your most recent post ("You and your commentators would be all over him, without a thought for attacking a priest") you simply prove my point.

    You are quick to presume malice on the part of myself and other commentators, whom you are certain would "attack" a priest, and yet you are blind to the fact that your very comment itself is an (unfounded) attack on me and on them.

    Think about it.

    As I said, you may think your comments have been appropriate for a Catholic priest to make about a brother priest, about other posters on this blog, and least of all, about me, but I do not.

    I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this.

  67. I'll probably be the next to be eaten alive, but I have to agree with Fr. Paul. I haven't had the time to listen to the whole homily (a 4 1/2 month old and a trip out of state make it difficult) but I'm immediately cautious when I hear that someone is "naming names" in a homily. Catholic Answers was fined by the IRS for the Catholic Guide to voting that doesn't even name names or parties. If the IRS found out about this homily the parish and archdoicese could face fines. Is that why the hosting website is anonymous? So that homilies that violate tax laws can be posted without fear of repurcussions?

    As for the other comments about Father's tv preferneces and the attacks on him because of his "off-color" comments, I disagree. A pastor who knows modern culture and isn't afraid to be human is not a bad thing. If my pastor was perfect, I"m afraid that I wouldn't be able to connect with him and I doubt I'd be inclined to seek him out for confession as I wouldn't feel as though he were able to understand the things I face. Priests aren't called because they are holy and perfect. And WHEN they aren't perfect (not if) we should still respect them. Disagree politely, fine, but that's not what I've seen here. An "I'll pray for your soul" type of response is totally disrespectful and comes across as very "holier than thou". If you feel the need to do so, fine, but as the Lord said, go into a private place and pray, don't broadcast it on the internet.

    And Patrick, I've read your blog for quite some time as well as being a friend on facebook and seeing comments there, I agree that many of the commentors on here would be all over a priest for preaching heresy. And perhaps it is a founded "attack" for Fr. Paul to point out that this brother priest is voilating tax laws and that we shouldn't support that?

  68. I've listened to this priest's sermons often...I've listened to the entire archive of their sermons. There's several priests but this one is especially powerful. I believe that he speaks the Truth...and yes, it can be very difficult to listen to.

  69. Here are my two cents. The priest in the above sermon schocked me by naming the President. I know this was done in the past and is not something done now and I am not sure it was appropriate. However, I loved the sermon otherwise. I am so sick of these buttery smooth sermons. I want to leave challenged to improve. I want a little fire and brimstone now to avoid it all later. I want a priest who stays faithful to the magesterium and not someone who is so concerned about the love of God that he forgets the Ire. The love is important, but so is the ire and no, everyone is not getting forgiven.
    i want some clear direction from the pulpit for a change not some cowardly, politically correct beeswax. I want a priest who is not afraid to take a stand and hold it. Not some place holder waiting for a man to come to the pulpit.

    Don't tell me about the good of the world and the joy of it. Tell me how to avoid hell. I want to cross into Cannan, not go down with Dathan and Korah. Be a Paul, be a Peter, not some tired frightened rabbit.

    I know the joy. I see the beauty. There is also a lot of ugly. Let's expose it for what it is. Please take Eze 3 seriously. It is my soul you have in your hands.

  70. Patrick, I am by no means afraid to "attack a priest" if I think he is doing harm. I was attacked because I quoted from American Idol. What's up with that? Where are the priorities of your readers?

    I had problems with the sermon because we are a pluralistic society and Fr. X, who is perfectly in his rights and duties to speak out about these important issues, chose to instead to attack persons and parties. Something I was trained decades ago is a big no no. And need I reiterate Godwin's law? Fr. X did it in his first sermon without thought.

    I may disagree with our politicians, but I don't start by shouting "Nazi!" because I disagree with them. I try to convince them by reason, not condemnation, that they need to change their policies and why.

    There was recently a show on the Food Network about a priest who beat down a celebrity chef in a competition on who made the best Fajitas (way to go Fr. Leo!). That was the most fun and most evangelizing moment of the summer (Christianity must have joy, as I quoted from St. Teresa of Avila earlier, and CS Lewis said basically the same). He (the cooking priest) made more converts than Fr. X. who only managed to polarize. As I've said, there are plenty of priests who can preach about the topic without either alienating half the crowd or preaching to the choir. I don't know if Fr. X understands that.

    But like I said, he's welcome to sign up, sign his name, town and church, and defend himself. Seems like he has a lot of friends here - they ought to encouraqe him to do so. They say he's a good guy and I believe that. But why the anonymity? St. Paul didn't write his letters or preach his sermons anonymously. What makes us think we can do so anonymously? How many converts other than the Choir will we reach? We're supposed to evangelizize this world, not hide from it and let the Choir say "rah rah!" because they're on the "right side." A journalist friend of mine said his final conversion came when he realized it wasn't about "rah rah!" and being correct on the issues, but about personal holiness, and the rest follows.

    Fr. Paul

  71. Even though we aren't accustomed to such "forceful" language and examples, I happen to think that the lack of these reminders, has helped to contribute to complacency and moral relativism within our Catholic culture and ultimately, society.

  72. I personally enjoyed the sermon of Fr X for two reasons (a) he's using the 1962 calander (and presumably said litrugical books) and (b) like Fr Ripperger of the F.S.S.P he's able to get to the heart of the matter (especially the point about Catholic Schools) without going off over the edge as some (perhaps most) S.S.P.X priests do.
    JAMC Kudos to Father X

  73. It seems, that this little thread in this great big internet has revealed the crux of our problems in the Church and as such the world. The Church is divided between those who want the whole Truth (the Way, the Truth, and the Life) no matter how difficult it is to hear or preach the whole Truth and those who would prefer to water it down and spruce it up with fluff so not to offend others, or not to loose their tax exempt status. But the Truth is a man and when they said, "This is a hard saying, who can listen to it?" Our Lord said, "Do you take offense at this?" (speaking of his teaching that we must eat His Body and Blood to have eternal life) and many of His disciples left and never returned to Jesus. He certainly did not water down His teaching to keep His followers and His priest should not either. In today's climate it seems many of our priest don't think that the Truth alone can keep the pews full, and some people may leave and never follow Him again but many more will come and stay because Truth is all that matters. He is all that matters.

  74. Lisa,

    I'm sure Fr. Paul will speak for himself, but I don't think Fr. Paul himself is saying the Truth should be watered down. I think he is saying that the Truth should be presented in the most winsome way possible, which is clearly true.

    Whether Fr. X's homily was presented in that way seems to be the issue here. On the other hand, those Catholics who have a tribal loyalty to the Dem party need to be shaken out of it somehow.

    There also might be an issue because Southern Democrats aren't as bad as northern Dems, and Fr. Paul is in the South. Fr. Paul, I don't know how Dems are down there, but up here, they are downright despicable. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed and disgusted to be a Minnesotan than when the election officials made sure Al Franken was our new senator. He stands out in a bad way even in a crowd of craven politicians. Down there, you might get a reasonable choice between a Dem and a GOP'er; up here, not so much.

    The whole tax exemption thing is, frankly, a tyrannical rule, IMO. While it would be good to keep the Church's tax-exemption, that can't come at the expense of the Truth.

  75. By the way, the whole tax exemption thing was put in place by LBJ when he was in Congress to stop the pastors in his district who had been speaking out against him. It used to be a lot more common for priests/pastors to talk about the evils of certain legislation, etc. That they no longer do that is not a good thing.

  76. WOW! 76 comments and counting! My daughter sent me this link and I've learned a lot about what divides Catholic priests and people--just from the observations and beliefs of those who have posted.

    Here are some questions I have--

    When should a priest mention Nero or Stalin or Hitler (or Obama) in a homily? Never? Only to praise him? Only to ask for prayers for him? Or can a secular leader be directly criticized from the pulpit for sins and beliefs that seriously affect the Church and the nation?

    Should Catholics be concerned when atheist blogs (yes, there are quite a few) gloat over the fact that our current (unnamed) President is the first one raised without a religious background?

    How should one judge a politician who claims he is a Christian but has never sent his children to religious instruction (e.g., Sunday School)?


  77. David, down here in the South, the party you spoke of tends to be much more conservative and Pro-Life, though not always the case. Our former Governor and Senator spoke out very strongly about how the party he and I grew up with has gone astray, especially on Life issues. (And I've completely renounced affiliation with any party nowadays, anyway.)

    As to the tax exemption thing. We need to look at what is happening around us and be realistic. I alluded to it earlier, but most seemed to miss it. Screwtape encouraged Wormwood to do one of two things to his "Patient": reduce his religion to politics or elevate his politics to religion. Either one would insure his "Patient's" damnation.

    We should be involved in the political system. No matter what party you belong to, you should bring your Catholic values to it, without shame. But don't make your politics religion or your religion politics. (Credit to CS Lewis.)

    And as I said earlier, most of us would be appalled if a politician came to speak at our church, promoting one view or the other. I'm appalled when I see others doing it on TV. Why they are not prosecuted, I don't know. When preachers do it, well this thread has already got me started (if you haven't noticed ;-) ). But I will not let it happen in my parish, and I will preach the Gospel of Life to everyone, not falling into the trap Screwtape set for Wormwood's "Patient".

    Fr. Paul

  78. Father Paul, people got angry at you because of how insulting you were to a priest. Plain and simple. The majority of your posts discussed 1) how good a priest you are. 2) How unholy, prideful, egotistical, etc., Fr. X. is and how pathetic his parishioners, or "lackeys," are and racially and politically bigoted the FSSP is, and finally, 3.) about 1% was about why you disagreed with this priest's approach/ideas. Many found this approach offensive, especially because of point 2. Though you have said that people leave your homilies enlightened, inspired, etc., I do hope this is not because they are anything like your posts. If you had refrained from point 2, this discussion would probably have been much more fruitful and charitable.

    I don't know why audiosancto posts anonymous homilies, but I don't see why it is such a big deal. Obviously the original homilies weren't anonymous--I doubt these priests stood up at their ambos in disguise. I think there are many benefits to keeping homilies anonymous when they reach a wider audience. This helps to spare the priest from gaining a "cult following," which can be one of the more destructive things for a person's humility. And, for the record, I've listened to a few other homilies from this priest. He rarely speaks on political topics. Most of the time he discusses doctrine, morals, etc.

    Concerning "bringing people to the pulpit:" I can't imagine how else this priest could have discussed this matter without bringing up names. He could have said, "A person who supports mass murder is going to be speaking to your children tomorrow at school...don't go." What would that have accomplished? Everyone would know he was speaking of the president. The objective reality is that President Obama supports and legislates in favor of genocide. This is not rhetoric; this is a fact. A whole class of people are being slaughtered. Because of this, the priest thought that parents should keep their children away from him. This seems more like common sense than politics. Highly public actions sometimes necessitate a public response.

    A priest is a father. A father's job is to protect and defend his children. Those who have been blessed to have a wonderful, loving father know that sometimes he needs to give tough love. Sometimes a father will even have to forbid his child from going places or seeing certain people, but this is his duty. When a father acts this way, he shows that he truly loves his children AND will stand up for them and guide them. A good father would do this even if it mean the IRS would raise his taxes. What are taxes to a father in comparison to the bodies, minds, and hearts of his children?

    Where are we now? Men, other Christs, will no longer speak out in defense of the smallest and most vulnerable people...to save bucks on their income tax. Homilies are often wishy-washy and dull. The fatherly role of a priest has been emasculated...all for taxes. How true it is that man cannot serve two masters.

  79. This sermon was excellent....for those who may not desire for the 'state of grace'...for those who lack true humility, reverence, esp 'Fear' towards Our Lord (which does happen) will see this homily as too "harsh." The truth is harsh sometimes, and this priest who gave this sermon displays "excellent" understanding for who this president truly is, for what the public school system truly is/and how it works, and is totally "sharp" on how to recognize the devil's works. As we have seen, esp through this sermon, how "caressing" the devil presents himself....esp behind the face of a man who is praised by the mainstream public schools and media, as a "savior"...yet he stands for all the "PERVERSIONS" as this awesome priest states.

    This is the truth. If you hate the devil and Love Our Lord, you will speak strongly against evil "especially" in the face of evil on Our Lady's own birthday...when such a man of the devil chooses to speak publicly to all the children!

    Its insane to think this priest is against Christ. Shame Shame Shame to those who are lacking humility.

  80. Father Paul,

    Regardless of what you think and do, the words you have posted here completely lack humility.


  81. fireoftheheavens said: "Father Paul,

    Regardless of what you think and do, the words you have posted here completely lack humility.


    That's your opinion. If I provoked ire here it's because I did not bow down to Fr. X's ill-advised homily. I tried to offer better ways of telling the same message. I've seen it all, had to deal with it all. I've seen what happens - when a woman leaves a church and never returns because she's called a Nazi. I started the same way. I saw the results, what works what doesn't. And I'm not afraid of bloggers (again ref to what Dawn Eden said), and I'm proud of what I preach. Call it lack of humility, but I don't think I've ever had to call someone a "Nazi" from the pulpit. And I've not had to mention a party or person from the pulpit. And I get a good response. If Fr. X comes to understand that, then maybe Patrick's blog will have served its purpose.

    Call me Fr. 10k as Patrick sarcastically did, but Pope John Paul said that we (as a Church) must meet the people WHERE THEY ARE AT.

    I have 8 great choirs, and they are wonderful. But they ARE NOT my audience. In their own way, they're doing great. My audience is the one, as in today's Gospel of the Day - the widow of Nain - (not Our Lady of Sorrow, though I preached on as well), that Jesus had pity on.

    Fr. Paul

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  83. Dear Father Paul,

    You mention repeatedly that Fr. X labeled someone a Nazi. He used the word "nazi" once in his sermon, and that was in reference to whom the Pope Pius XII addressed the encyclical Haurietis Aquas: to Nazi Germany. Given the context, how do you justify invoking "Godwin's Law" or suggest he was applying that adjective to any currently living (or governing) individual?

    Something else I'm not sure about from your posts: do you have an assistant? I ask because you mentioned that you have over 10,000 parishioners. I assume your parishioners are good, practicing Catholics who have been -- and continue to be -- well catechized (what reason could I possibly have to think otherwise?). So, if your flock were, as a whole, going to confession once per month (meaning that they render themselves unable to earn a plenary indulgence for at least half of the time) you would need to be hearing over 400 confessions on the six days a week that you offer them. I must applaud your stamina and time management! Had you not suggested otherwise, I wouldn't think it possible to be able to say Mass (12 on the weekends!), hear hundreds of confessions, keep up with cooking shows and Americana (and the verbalizations of a particular British television personality), read and reply to Mr. Madrid's blog, and find time to sleep -- all in the span of 24 hours. (Oh -- and eat: I forgot about eating.) How do you do it? What is your secret?

    Mike C.

    PS: For anyone interested, in the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori, the topic of the importance of frequent confession is heavily stressed. Here's just one daily reading highlighting the merits of this pious practice:


  84. Mike, I took offense at Fr. X's Nazi comment because he was applying a Papal quote about education in Nazi Germany to the modern public school system in the US, where 95% of our kids go and many of my people teach (as I stated above). He implied that our President was trying to do the same as the Nazis. That's how I heard it, at least, maybe I'll go back and take another listen.

    And yes, I finally have my assistant back. His father died in Colombia two Sundays ago and I told him to go be with his father during his dying days. He was gone about a month. I'm getting another Colombian assistant in the next month or two. I hope.

    And your observations on confession are laudable. But we don't live in the days of St. Alphonsus anymore. I offer it as frequently as I can, but the simple fact is that modern Catholics don't go that often, no matter how often I preach on it. Nowadays more tend to come to penance services, which means every available night during Advent and Lent, I'm at a parish hearing confessions for several hours along with, usually, about 20 other priests. I've got maybe 5 priests within a 45 minute drive. I'm going to have to find 20 more, and bilingual ones even, who are willing to drive 2 hours or more to come help me out. Not having been here long enough for an Advent or Lent, I can only guess at the numbers, but I'm sure it'll be in the thousands. Like I may have mentioned, we have to rent a local fairground for Ash Wednesday because we'll have thousands then as well (church only seats 720 and we can only do so many Masses).

    When people complain that there are only two priests (as of now, hopefully a third soon) to serve 10k+ people, I ask, "how many sons do you have in the seminary?"

    These aren't the days of our fathers. (Well, actually here in the South, in my father's day they were lucky to have one priest a month. My grandmother used to famously say, "don't say Yankee go home, else we'll never have another priest here!" She was funny.)

    Fr. Paul

  85. I'm of the opinion that Fr. X's homily was fantastic.

    1) Fr. X absolutely should name names, especially in the case of a President who is virulently against the 5 non negotiable teachings of the Catholic Church. (I realize BHO is not Catholic. IMHO the five non negotiables should stand on their own as things for the common good of society and something that people of all faiths should ascribe to.)

    2) Fr. X must remain anonymous online for a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which is (if identified) he would immediately be attacked for preaching the Truth.

    3) The reference to the Nazis was particularly relevant given that we have reached the milestone of something like 50M abortions in America. 50 MILLION. Just look at that number for a minute and think about it.

    What will we all say when we meet St Peter at the Gates to Heaven and our Lord says “What did YOU do to protect or stand up for these Innocents”?

    Humanity continues to commit the most horrendous of crimes against the weakest and most vulnerable of society. Can you imagine the headlines if 1M adult Americans were murdered each year? That would be the ONLY news of the day. But unborn children - meh, who cares.

    4) The reference to Nazis is also on the mark with regards to social engineering and what the public school system is modeled on. It’s actually based on the Prussian model of the 1800’s and having the ability to produce time and again the same known (good soldier) product. There are a lot of reference materials available if anyone were interested. So as Fr. X said, while there are certainly quality teachers that are exceptions to this, the system itself is faulty and is to be regarded only as an option of last resort.

    I am not a teacher by trade, but I know a lot about the public school system. A product of it myself, I was among the greatest of sinners for the longest time and the school system did nothing to teach me about reason, logic, common sense, personal responsibility, morals, or ethics. They just pushed me through the pipeline and sent me out to be another marginally productive member of society.

    Thankfully my wife and I started Catholic Homeschooling two years ago. It is OUR responsibility to insure that our children are well educated about their God and the Church...no one else.

    I encourage everyone to check it out and faithfully consider it for your family too...I know it doesn't work for everyone but it can be done and the numbers who do are growing daily. There are websites galore and homeschooling conferences in many states where you can gather more information.

    In Christ,