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October 28, 2009

Is Everything Up For Grabs? A Catholic Critique of Moral Relativism

the audio of the talk on moral relativism I gave last a few weeks ago in Madison, Wisconsin, before a Catholic audience of approximately 450. It was held at the diocesan center in their super-plush auditorium. (Thanks for having me up to speak!)


  1. Please send me up as a member of "The Fellowship of the Unashamed". Seriously, your words at the end of this talk are a powerful description of our lives on this earth; I hope you'll consider posting them on your blog and asking for recruits. May God bless you and your family.

  2. Thanks for sharing this audio! I sent it to so many. Seriously where do I pay? Anyway, the comparison of Father Corapi/Rolling Stones concert and then you/acordian show was so funny. I dont think thats true!
    We cant wait for you to visit this December to St Johns!

    God Bless you and your family!

  3. Relativist: My opinion is right!
    Me: How come?
    Relativist: Because every opinion is correct.
    Me: Okay, than my opinion is relativism is false.
    Relativist: Yes, to you it is.
    Me: Than allow me to clarify: Relativism is absolutely false - always and everywhere false.
    Relativist: Yes, that is your opinion.
    Me: And by your words, it is correct.
    Relativist: But not as correct as my opinion!
    Me: How so?
    Relativist: Because my opinion is the best.
    Me: Ah, but everyone's opinion is correct, so if I am of the opinion that your opinion isn't the best, than your opinion isn't the best after all - it is only as good as everyone else.
    Relativist: No, because, relatively speaking, everyone's opinion is true for them, not for everyone.
    Me: Ah, so you only think your opinion is best, when, in fact, it is not. It is only true for you, but not everyone.
    Relativist: Yes, but precisely because I believe it is true, it is.
    Me: That's self-contradiction. Something isn't true and false all at once. For example, relativism isn't true and false all at once.
    Relativism: Well, it really depends on what you believe. Every belief is equal. Every truth is actual.
    Me: So than you are an agnostic? You believe the truth cannot be proven nor disproven, and so, do not even attempt to find it, because you come across different facts which confuse you, and, rather than sort through them, you just give up?
    Relativist: No, I am a relativist. But you can think I'm an agnostic if you like, it is true for you.
    Me: How would it be true for me if it isn't true for you? That would be like saying we both see a red ball, except one of us sees it as green due to an eye problem, yet we both deny it is a problem and accept the "fact" that one sees a red ball and the other sees a green ball.
    Relativist: Exactly!
    Me: So than you see no problem, but only a difference? You consider the problem as simply something naturally different instead of as something unnaturally flawed?
    Relativist: There are no problems in the world, only differences. That is why everyone should be a relativist. It would help people realize the goodness of the world!

  4. Thank you Patrick! A great show and very informative.

  5. By the way what is the name of the nurse you quoted and her book? I'd like very much to read it.