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August 26, 2009

"Our goal was 3 to 5 abortions for every girl between the ages of 13 and 18"

This new documentary, "Bloodmoney," exposes in detail how the abortion industry extremists systematically "had a plan that sold abortion, and it was called 'sex education.' [We would] break down their natural modesty, separate them from their parents and values and become the sex experts in their lives so they would turn to us. When we could give them a logos birth control pill they would get pregnant on it or on a defective condom. . . ."


  1. the only part I am iffy about is this blonde woman when she says "Im fighting so hard to 'save' myself, that I'll kill someone else to get that". I totally understand the context of which she speaks. But, I had a severe conversation with a few people a few weeks ago who were trying to say that if we "fight" for life, then we cannot stand by that principle in matters of war self-defense' because we are doing precisely that killing another human being to get what we ‘want’. Of course I had to show them that the fight is not about what we want nor to “save” ourselves….but to preserve the GOOD, and the GIFT of human life, at the same time, fighting and recognizing evil as a threat to that goodness. Self-defense is precisely protecting that goodness while fighting "evil" which may certainly cost the life of that evil perpetrator to be lost. So, Im stuck in my head in that quarrel/conversation I had, and this woman's words got to me (not sharp enough) in this particular clip shown on the trailer.
    The biggest part the secular liberalized/moral relativist thinker needs to accept as reality and face once in for all (concerning protection of human life) is to recognize “sharply” the reality of "Good" and "Evil" and how we must fight and crack down on evil in the right way to preserve the good.

  2. "...low dose birth control pill they would get pregnant on or a defective condom..."

    I understand your points Micaela; I think the woman interviewed was presenting the thinking behind the ways people rationalize committing abortion, not giving her own current beliefs. I don't think she's defending that distorted thinking, just saying what leads some people to convince themselves to believe the lies they hear all around them.

  3. I understand that the abortion industry spends tons of money to convince Americans that they are non-profit; and secondly that they want to help women in bad situations. When in reality they make lots of money, and want women to stay in their bad situations needing more abortions. Planned Parenthood even wants to give contraceptives to children! http://www.catholicfemina.com/2009/08/planned-parenthood-wants-contraceptives.html

  4. to Micaela re: comment at the top:

    I found the blond woman in the film trailer to be a bit hard to follow and I think that you probably did to and, consequently, you've entirely misunderstood her point.

    I think her point was that people argue that they "must" have an abortion because if they don't their "life will be over." The good they think they're fighting for is (their) life...but it's not really their life that's at stake, only their life AS THEY KNOW IT that's at stake.

    The irony--and reality--is that, in having said abortion to preserve her life AS SHE KNOWS IT, a woman's ending the ACTUAL life of another person (the life of her unborn baby).

    Hope I've been able to be clear with above explanation and that you're no longer unsettled by that portion of the trailer.