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August 26, 2009

Here's My Interview on Sirius/XM Radio on the Controversy at Belmont Abbey College

You can hear me interviewed every few weeks on Greg and Jennifer Willits' show, "The Catholics Next Door." I thought you might find yesterday's show of particular interest, because we got into a discussion about the current hassle that Belmont Abbey College is enduring as the result of its refusal to bend under pressure from the U.S. Government to force it to offer health-care coverage for contraception and abortion.

Keep in mind that Belmont Abbey College is a decidedly, determinedly Catholic college, and its president, Dr. Bill Thierfelder, has repeatedly made it clear that he would sooner shut down the college before the school would acquiesce to the demand to fund abortion and contraception for its employees.

Here's my interview, and here's the rest of the show's discussion, which happened after I was finished and which I find much more interesting than the interview. Click to play.

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  1. Three cheers for Belmont Abbey College! What a relief to see a *real* Catholic college!