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July 25, 2009

Yes, Virginia. Saint Augustine Really Was Catholic.

Dave Armstrong has compiled a handy series of statements from the great bishop-apologist, Augustine of Hippo, detailing his teaching on the sacraments of the Catholic Church. It's a useful corrective against those, such as Calvinists, who attempt to portray St. Augustine as not having been Catholic, at least not in the "Roman Catholic" sense of the word.

This list is worth bookmarking, both for your own personal study of this patristic giant and for those times that may arise in which you need to debunk bogus claims about what St. Augustine really believed.

Oh, and you can find here and here a couple of related items that I posted here on this blog awhile back.


  1. Thanks Patrick, although I've never directly been told that he was not Catholic, I always get that feeling when a Protestant uses his quotes to "prove" their point. Hopefully this link will help if and when someone brings it up.

  2. I like reminding friends that he was.