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March 26, 2009

I've Got to Hand it to the Mormons

They really do have a nack for producing creative, technically excellent media spots, such as this TV commercial. Only recently have Catholics (e.g., www.virtuemedia.org, www.catholicscomehome.org) started producing commercials at this high level. We can learn a lot from them in this particular area.


  1. They are pretty sneaky, and have a really good marketing and PR campaign going.

    The angle they have been taking recently is to make Mormonism appear like just another Christian denomination. This is of course deceptive, because the are non-Christian by definition and officially repudiate all other Churches as apostate.

    What was really bad/sneaky is they recently put up a YouTube movie on their main page called "Why Mormons Build Temples." In it they give the spotlight to a guy dressed as a priest/bishop who comes off as a Anglican/Catholic (he's actually a Lutheran) who then proceeds to say how Christian and Biblical the LDS temple and religion is. He is in fact a liberal "christian" scholar. The purpose is very clear though, it is to give off the impression the LDS are Christian and accepted by Christians. This is done with the hope to lure in Protestants and Catholics. It is pure deception and very unChristian marketing tactics, but still ingeniously crafted.

  2. Unlike the 'Catholics Come Home" commercials, I think this commercial is a waste of money!!

  3. No thanks, Patrick. I would not promote another religion just to see superior technology. Don't care to watch - I will stick to Roman Catholic commercials even if these are technically good. We will stick to the truth. God bless!

  4. God bless you, too, Milites, but honestly, you're just being silly.

    The video is a message about the importance of parents spending more time with their children. It has nothing to do with the Mormon Church itself.

    You've confused my posting of an innocuous commercial with "promoting" another religion.

  5. http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0901388.htm