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March 26, 2009

Here's How Margaret Sanger Became a "Crusader" For Birth Control

Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) was the Mother of all murderers, the foundress of Planned Parenthood, and an indefatigable proponent of racist eugenics policies that sought to use contraception, sterilization, and abortion as the means of depopulating those non-white ethnic groups she deemed to be "human weeds." She has the blood of millions of unborn victims of abortion on her hands. May God have mercy on her soul.

Chances are, you've heard about this wretched woman any number of times before, but most likely, you've never heard her explain, as she does in this vintage 1957 television interview with Mike Wallace, why she did what she did and how she became, as Wallace inaptly termed it, a "crusader" for birth control and abortion. By the way, note that she is absolutely in error (intentionally or not, I can't say) when she claims that, when she was getting started on her contraception-abortion jihad, there was no oppsition from "the Church," by which she means the Catholic Church, "or any church." This is false. The Catholic Church had, just 27 years earlier reminded couples yet again that contraception is wrong and that the Church continured to firmly reject it (c.f., Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii 53-62).

Watch the shadow cross her face and how she fidgets uncomfortably when Wallace asks her if it's true that her mother was born a Catholic and she admits it. The interview speaks for itself.

(Tangentially, and unrelated to Sanger's comments, a quick word about Mike Wallace's testimonial commercial for Philip Morris cigarettes — bizarre by today's sensibilities about smoking. Oddly, his clipped cadence, his facial expressions, such as the odd quick flashes of a phoney grin, here and there, reminded me less of the young Mike Wallace and more of Phil Hartman's SNL impression of Mike Wallace with a little 1976 Chevy Chase Weekend-Update thrown in around the edges.)


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. It clears a lot up. Especially her mentioning that the greatest sin is to have children, children born into poverty or with a disease. There are worse things than disease of the body, one of the soul which Mrs. Sanger had. And then for her to show off her grandchildren, reminds me of someone recently, would that be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? I forget. How sad.

    I thought the commercials for cigerette were quite ironic sense now a days one can not smoke or buy them till they are 18 but if you want to kill your unborn child, sure.


  2. It amazes me how so many people are now of the same opinion of Margaret Sanger. It is ridiculous to think that it is "unnatural" that begetting children be first and foremost in marriage. I can't believe that she would even say the church just wants more Catholics and that's why they forbid birth control. I wonder if she really even believed the things she said.

  3. She is creepy.

    It is sad to here her talk about the laity disobeying the Church for so very long. Planned Parenthood would be a much reduced organization if Catholics had been faithful.

    Here is a frightening answer - The greatest sin is bringing a child into the world (and then she quickly clarifies the statement to mean a sick or poor child). But she would not call infidelity nor murder sins.

    I think that you could say that we live in the country that she envisioned. Scary. Her vision is outlasting cigarettes.

  4. Magaret Sanger was not actually herself pro-abortion. She saw abortion as the wrong way and contraception as the right way. Her misguided support of contraception in part started after the death of her friend Sadie Sachs from a self-induced abortion. She never made any statme She was not an advocate of abortion, but contraception. Though of course contraception leads to a culture of abortion. As most sexual libertines, as Sanger was, seem to think that contraception is the cure for everything.

    She was certainly part of the evil eugenics movement and the racism that entails. Her organization is certainly one of the most evil organizations ever and evil always results when the connection between the marital act and procreation is broken. So though she might have been against abortion her advocacy of contraception is partly responsible for the millions of innocents that have been murdered.

  5. The new mortal sin is to smoke cigarettes but killing the unborn is O.K. As creatures we have to have rules and if we throw out the rule "thou shalt not kill" we have to make a new one "thou shalt not smoke" Think about it! Blessings - Rene

  6. I don't think that from her point of view the Church resisted her as a matter of fact in America then as today.

    There are probably two places where one can find most cardinals: at the election of a pope and in hell.

  7. How about her suggesting that people like "delinquents" shouldn't be having children? That's an interesting trope on our unwed teenage mother situation today...