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February 19, 2009

Time Magazine's Crusade Against the Catholic Church

Time Magazine has hit a new low, even by its standards, with a recent article disingenuously claiming that the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) is a “mythical” bill and, therefore, that the “Catholic crusade” against it is merely ignorant folly.

So watch this video and see what the Pro-Abortion Candidate himself said about his implacable commitment to “transform America” according to the death-dealing machinations of Planned Parenthood and extremist groups like it.

Does it sound to you like he was promising to sign a “mythical,” nonexistent fantasy of a bill? Time wants you to get that impression. The fact is, FOCA is deadly real and our new Líder Maximo has repeatedly promised that he is deadly serious about signing it into law.

Don't let the pro-abortion zealots at
Time Magazine fool you and lull you into becoming passive and disinterested about this. Don't let them do it. This is real. And you need to spread the word far and wide so people won't buy into Time's dangerous foolishness.  

Freedom of Choice Act (Introduced in Senate)— Text of Senate bill S 2020 IS (2004)
Freedom of Choice Act (Introduced in House) — Text of House bill HR 3719 IH (2004)
Freedom of Choice Act (Introduced in Senate) — Text of Senate bill S 1173 IS (2007)
Freedom of Choice Act (Introduced in House) — Text of House bill HR 1964 IH (2007)


  1. Read the Time article again. The bill hasn't even been introduced and there are no plans to introduce it anytime soon, if ever. It doesn't matter what Obama said if there's no bill there to pass. Duh.

  2. Even if FOCA as we know it may not pass, many smaller bills—which taken together would equal FOCA—will pass.

  3. whatever the case....i am praying for Obama's conversion...

  4. Bad Choice Joyce: so in your own view your leader of "choice" has been making false promises about a mythical bill during a campaign for the most important elective office in America? What a hero. And how bright does that make you in voting for him? Alternatively, of course, he might have been saying exactly what he meant, which makes you another kind of "bright" person for denying it.