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February 2, 2009

New Archbishop for New York to be Announced Soon

At least that's what this source says. We can expect a flurry of speculation and predictions about this during whatever time remains before the announcement is formally made. I'm looking forward to hearing the good news! 


  1. From my limited connection with NY diocese, I wonder what will happen to The Catholic Channel on Sirius radio. Some of the shows are excellent, and some go a little over the top for my taste. Will a new Archbishop continue to fund a station?

  2. I am delighted to hear this news.

    I don't think that The Catholic Channel will go away. I attended a luncheon for Catholic media last year at which the communications director for the archdiocese spoke and he told of so many conversions and inquiries about converted due to people listening to the station. It's been really successful and I can't imagine anyone wanting to mess with that.

  3. We in Milwaukee are holding our breath as we know that our beloved Archbishop Timothy Dolan is a definite possibility. Our loss would be their great gain, but it would be a sad day here.

  4. Cardinal Egan has become well beloved to me and millions of others from his weekly broadcasts on "Conversation with the Cardinal" on The Catholic Channel. God Bless him! He is a true spiritual Father. I know he deserves retirement, but I will miss him desperately.

  5. He is not listed in the NewsMax article, but I'm hedging on Archbishop Chaput.

    He would be great for New York.