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February 28, 2009

The Mysterious Case of The Unfollowed Blogs

A few days ago, something weird happened with several of the blogs I follow. Unbenkownst to me, and not due to anything I did, the Blogger system somehow made me stop following a number of great Catholic blogs I like to keep track of. I never did find out how that happened, but several of you good people contacted me in puzzlement to find out why I stopped following you. In actual fact, I didn't stop, Blogger stopped me.

I was able to go back in and re-follow most of the ones that dropped off (by the way, that same day a good 15-20 of my blog's followers mysteriously and suddenly disappeared), but one of you in particular sent me a note about this through e-mail? Twitter? Facebook? I can't remember where the note came from and, therefore, I can't find it or respond to it! Nor can I re-follow your blog till I figure out who you are. You know who you are. I'm really not ignoring you.

But here's a clue. This particular person posted on his blog a clever picture of the Tombstone lawmen saying they were going to track me down and bring me back. But as I say, I can't remember which blog that is. 

So, okay, Tombstone Guys, here I am. Out here in plain sight in the middle of the street at high noon. If you want to bring me in, show yourselves, and we'll get her done.


  1. Hmmm....I know that you were following me, not sure if I'm one who was "unfollowed". I know I've checked the blogs I follow and they SEEM to be there...maybe should check again. I know that my own followers dropped from 72 to 67. It was weird. I've gotten a few since then, but not "old" ones.

    Blogger's been VERY glitchy lately...have you noticed the feed problems on many blogger posts? Have noticed it on MANY if not ALL blogger blogs that allow trackbacks....long "trackbacks" that are not actually linking to the blog. Completely unrelated content. I'm still seeing "Mary Christmas" on many of my NEW posts! LOL!

  2. Since you don't "follow me" I don't have a dog in this fight buuuut - since I have everyone entered in my Google reader, I don't see the sense of "following" Maybe I'm missing something here.

    So even though I follow you (I'm a huge fan), I don't "follow you". Did that make any sense??

  3. My blog mysteriously has myself as a follower...LOL! I can't figure out how to get that off without blocking myself.

    OH! Well, at least I am not being followed by the Tombstone gang! On the other hand, at my age maybe I am and don't know it. LOL!

  4. I know that it's not my blog that you are looking for, however I do know the issues with followers right now has to do with the merging of followers and google friend connect. Several people are having issues with followers disappearing, or actually being anonymous vs public, etc. It's one of the "known" issues right now. Can read more here: http://tinyurl.com/2f9x4w (I know that will have to be copy and pasted)

  5. Pat, the blog is Acts of Apostacy that was going to send the posse!!

  6. Yes, I am the blog that sent out that posse, and they've returned saying that an IT guy at Blogger knocked his Monster can over onto his keyboard, causing a glitch. They've strung him up and are back in town, coolin' their spurs at one of the Detroit casinos.

    I'm glad you're taking this in the spirit in which it was intended, Patrick. Just having a little fun with the guy who, by following my blog, gives me some cred. To me, at least!

    God bless and have a great Lent.

  7. Yes, I am the blogger who sent out the posse after you. They have returned, reporting that an IT guy at Blogger knocked his can of Monster onto a server, causing the glitch. They strung him up and are now cooling their spurs at one of the Detroit casinos.

    Thanks for taking this in the spirit in which it was intended, Patrick. As the one celebrity following my blog, you were giving me "street cred". At least to me!

    Have a blessed Lent!

  8. Just realized I wasn't following you. I recently added this to my own blog and slowly catching up to following the folks I already follow. (heh!) Mega-blessings to you this day. :-)

  9. Hello, Patrick! I just recently started following your blog, and right now it seems to be working OK. I started one of my own about two months ago; it's just a little one, and I try to update it once a week or so. If you're looking for a new one I'd be honored if you'd add your name to my short list of followers (right now I only have two, who are personal friends of mine, and as far as I know they have only viewed my first post.) I'm on Blogger; I could use some input from a real Catholic apologist! :)

  10. I am a new blogger myself - I came over to you via "Acts of the Apostasy" - and of course I've heard you on Catholic Answers and googled around for homeschool info (as we just started ourselves this year). If you get a chance, please check out my blogspot at "homethroughrome" - My husband got this awesome shot of the San Jose Mission Church in San Antonio, TX. (Just ignore the chubby middle aged housewife in the corner). God bless you and your family!