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February 22, 2009

Dr. Alan Keyes Warns America


  1. Alan Keyes has lost it and I say that as someone who voted for him in the primaries when he ran for president and later when he ran for the Senate from Illinois. I'm not saying that everything he said in the clip was wrong, I agree with him on a lot of it, but his claims that Obama is not a US citizen and therefore, not president, are counter-productive. It makes those of us who believe that Obama is a danger to the US look like the tin-foil hat crowd.


  2. Dr. Keys is a very articulate, rational man, in most cases. During the presidential primary debates, he was by far the only candidate that would address the issues with clarity. While it does seem off for him to be so adamant about the issue, should he be right & Obummer's citizenship is not valid it truly would be more grievous to the U.S. than Dr. Keys looking the fool... Remember, we Christians look the fool to the world too, as we proclaim the Truth.

  3. 1. Obama's mother is an American from Kansas, therefore, he is a citizen.

    2. Obama was born in the (real) state of Hawaii, therefore, he is a citizen.

    3. Obama's birth was announced in a Hawaiian newspaper in the 1950s, therefore, he is a citizen.

    4. Obama's birth certificate was made public during the campaign when these rumors started, therefore, he is a citizen.

    People who spout these idiotic theories only serve to discredit the noble causes with which they have real beefs with their opponents. Such conspiracy theories only turn off moderates who would otherwise be sympathetic to socially conservative causes.

  4. Having a single American parent is not enough to qualify as a natural born citizen.

    The document released doesn't settle the matter. The hospital generated original birth certificate would but its release has been block by Obama. The Governor of Hawaii has sealed the record and Obama refuses to release it.

    The issue would have easily gone away if Obama had simply authorized the release.

    Additionally, his Kenyan grandmother claims he was born in Kenya and she was there at the birth. All his medical records in Kenya have also been sealed.

    He is hiding something. These are not idiotic theories, but verifiable facts. My guess is there are some personally embarrassing details he doesn't want made public. ( Could his real name be Millhouse? )

    Here's an article that takes a sobering look in detail.


  5. I think the strap on your tin foil hat might be too tight.


    His birth certificate: http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn227/Polarik/BO_Birth_Certificate.jpg

    His 1961 birth announcements in the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin:


    We're they planning on this kid taking over the country when he was born and therefore decided to post fake birth announcements in the early '60s?

  6. The document released was a certificate of live birth and not the actual birth certificate. The original is under lock and key. Obama successfully blocked access to it.

    None of the links you gave have even addressed this.

    Worst case, he is hiding an something which calls his eligibility into question. Most likely he is hiding something politically damaging. He is hiding something.

    No tin foil hats here. Stop drinking the cool aide.