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February 4, 2009

“Catholic Edition” Debuts

Here's a new Catholic mega-site. Check it out, and let your friends know!
(Please note: I have no connection with or financial interest in this venture.)


  1. I can't tell if this is one of Pat's jokes or if he is serious. The moment I clicked on the link the first advertisement was to PatrickMadrid.com, so there certainly is a connection and financial interest. But this doesn't bother me at all.

    Also, I strongly suggest that whomever runs that new site get a good web designer, it looks pretty un-professional(no offense).

  2. Nick......it resembles Drudgereport.com I dont think it needs to be fancy but only extremely well informative and objective

  3. Interesting site. I agree with Nick that it has a "drudge" look to it. I'm sure it's intentional.

    Right now, it's a bit annoying as one of those sites which keeps you locked in and hard to "back" out. The concept is good though.

    How does someone advertise on the site? There seems no way to get contact information.

  4. Good concept but a little late in the game. Pewsitter.com has been around for two year and does the same thing. Good luck with the new site.

  5. Nick, no. I'm not being jokey (believe it or not). It's a new site created by some friends of mine out West. I'm not connected to it.