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December 4, 2008

Let's Pray That India and Pakistan Don't Spin Out of Control

Memri is running this ominous story:

“Pakistani Nuclear Scientist: 'None Of India's Cities Can Remain Safe From Our Missiles'; 'Our Missile System . . . Can Be Fired in Only 10 Minutes — They Are On the Launchers.'

“Amid growing tensions between India and Pakistan following the 11/26 Mumbai terror attacks, Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr. Samar Mubarakmand spoke of the readiness of Pakistani missiles and of their capability to target Indian cities . . .” (read more).

This information has been widely known all along, of course. But what makes this situation particularly eye-catching is the recent terrorist attack in Bombay, India, perpetrated (yet again) by trained Muslim killers.

India blames Pakistan for at least harboring the attackers within its borders, if not actually masterminding their attack, and the Indian government is under extreme pressure from many of its people to strike back militarily. Pakistan, on the other hand, denies involvement. So, if India does strike, and they very well may, I fear that the chaotic, jihad-ridden, anti-Indian elements in the Pakistani government (which is probably a significant percentage of it) may just say, “to hell with it,” and launch their own attack using nukes.

Yes, the two contries have been at each other's throats for decades, but the thing that's different this time is the Bombay terror attacks. That could be the match that lights a very big fire this time around. I hope and pray that that doesn't happen.      

Some Lunchtime Levity

As I break for a quickie repast, I cast my eyes across the blogosphere and they fell upon these comedic gems over at Ironic Catholic, under the heading of “Theological Trash Talk.” (I just know that some of my priest friends — you know who you are — will appreciate a few of these in particular.)
  • You lovable gravely disordered noodlehead
  • Yeah, you. This is your conscience. This is your conscience on drugs. Any questions?
  • You've really got your transcendental Thomist freak goin' on
  • You're such a cross between a Jansenist and a Cathar. Yeah, pun intended, pharisaic punk
  • Your similitudo dei needed an elephantine spit shine when you were born
  • Yo momma's like St. Monica without her faith
  • When you got baptized, that chrism oil curdled on your forehead like rancid salad dressing
  • Dude, you have free will. That Freebird song don't have nothin' to do with it. And Lynyrd Skynyrd ain't no theologians
  • When you received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, you asked for a receipt
  • You so messed up, you thought "intrinsically disordered" was a self-canceling pizza delivery
Feel free to add some theological zingers of your own in the comments box. I'll start with these:

1) It's time for you to go a little heavier on the
exitus and a lot lighter on the reditus
2) Hush your mouth. Your sitz im leben is starting to show.