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November 15, 2008

In the Company of Women, Lots of Women

Last night at a banquet and today at their conference, Nancy and I are privileged to be participating as speakers for the 63rd annual convention of the Columbus Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. Their theme this year is “Welcome Back, Catholics,” dedicated to learning how to reach out compassionately and with solid Catholic teaching to help bring home to the Church those who have wandered away. A couple of hundred women will be there. 

My talk will be this morning at 10:00 and Nancy will address the group after lunch. I'm so proud of her. She'll be sharing her own personal observations and reflections on having a large family and being openly Catholic (having a large family sort of forces that openness, we've found) in a society that is becoming increasingly hostile to Catholic moral principles, such as being open to life, etc. I know the women will love her. 

(If you read this post sometime before 1:00 p.m. ET, please say a little prayer for her, as she's understandably a little nervous, this being a sort of “debut” for her. I know she is going to do a fantastic job.)