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November 12, 2008

The Blog Software Refuses to Allow Comments — How Come?

Does anyone have any good ideas as to how I can force Blogger to allow comments on my posts? I've tried everything, followed their directions, have set and reset the comments permissions, and still . . . nothing.

I want you to be able to leave comments, but the software won't let me. I've tried researching this through their help section, but there's no way to reach a live tech person who can fix the problem. This is a real frustration for me.

Any suggestions? Please send to: patrick [at] patrickmadrid [dot] com.

Do You Have the Heart of an Apostle?

I wrote this article awhile back, but I reference it now because of the new challenges we face after the election. Now more than ever, I believe our mission as Catholics to evangelize and recatechize our culture will be all the more difficult and perhaps even perilous. As I point out in this article,  if we want to make converts, we must begin by converting our own hearts. The former always follows the latter, not vice versa.

I hope you find it helpful.

This Should Give Us Even More Pause

Of course, we all know that things seem to be sliding in the direction of a “New World Order” in which a global leader could arise and exert control (Hmm. I seem to have read something about that in Scripture somewhere.), but I have never seen anything like this. Not even John F. Kennedy received international adulation on this level. He was popular in some places, for sure, but he didn't stir emotions or cause people to swoon with desire to follow him the way our new Lider Maximo does. 

I've been asking myself why he does.  I don't understand it. But this strange phenomenon is real, and who can tell where it will lead.