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December 9, 2008

Veil Wars

I just read an interesting discussion at a blog called “St. Louis Catholic” about whether or not theCatholic Church still requires women to cover their heads with a veil or hat at Mass.

The unnamed canon lawyer whose opinion that, yes, women are still obliged to wear them (even if virtually none do anymore), critiques the contrary opinion, advanced by Father John Zuhlsdorf, canonist Ed Peters, and Jimmy Akin. Even though I have long been of the opinion that the Church no longer requires this custom, at least not at Novus Ordo Masses, I must admit that this article has gone a long way toward convincing me that I have been wrong about this. The fact that “nobody does this anymore” is not a good reason not to observe this venerable Catholic custom. 

I do, however, have a respectful complaint for the proprietor of the St. Louis Catholic blog (who goes by “Tinman” rather than his real name), and that is: It is a mistake for you not to name the canon lawyer whom you quote and whom you refer to only as “an out-of-state canonist.” There's no reason that I can see why he should not be named, especially since he publically critiques others by name. That seems unjust to me. The unnamed canonist's argument has great merit, but its effects are blunted by his remaining anonymous. 


  1. I began wearing a veil to Mass, NO and TLM over a year ago since I began to attend a TLM as often as I could. If a woman wear a veil to a TLM, then why not wear one when one attends a NO Mass? It's not a part of a costume, it's how I show respect to God when I am in church. Therefore, I also wear a veil to adoration and confession.

    I live north of Boston and I typically see a few other women also wearing veils at any given Mass (NO). I attend Mass at many different churches...

  2. I started wearing a head covering at Mass a few months ago. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to do so. Sometimes at a TLM or at adoration I wear the full mantilla, but at NO I wear the little round doilly lace type, so as to fulfill what God wants, but not to appear too conspicuous or appear to be trying to make the other ladies feel uncomfortable. I have found it has blessed my life and my worship is so much more reverent.