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December 16, 2008

Here's Today's Catholic Answers Live Radio Show



  1. Patrick,

    A point you might be interested in to answer the question of one of the callers. At the very end, a caller asked you why Proverbs 3:35 isn't in the NAB. You weren't sure, but didn't really have time to even look it up before the program ended. The verse actually is in the NAB, just not after verse 34, which is where most people would expect it to be. Instead, the translators of the NAB chose to put verse 35 after verse 24. This was possibly done due to manuscript differences, but the copy of the NAB that I have doesn't say either way. They kept the numbering, so Proverbs 3 has verse 24, verse 35, and then verse 25. Just another of the strangeness that is the New American Bible.

  2. Excellent info, Father Cory. I didn't know about that, but, as you mentioned, it seems in keeping with some of the other oddball things done by the editors of that edition.