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November 26, 2008

Now This Guy Is a Prophet

Meet Peter Schiff. I had never heard of him before today. Over 2 years ago, he was accurately predicting exactly what has happened in our economy. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was scoffing and laughing at his dire predictions. Well, they're not laughing any more.

My favorite part is when Ben Stein (who gets it really wrong, but whom I otherwise enjoy watching) says that Merrill Lynch “is an astonishingly well-run company.”
So well-run, in fact, that only months after he said this, the company suffered an 8+ billion dollar loss in 2007 and fired their CEO as a result.


  1. What is astonishing is the absolute condescending certainty with which his interlocutors pronounced him wrong. Fallen human nature can convince itself that night is day, up is down, etc. That's why we always need recourse to first principles and the steady, guiding hand of Holy Mother Church.

  2. Fascinating! I have been reviewing as many of Schiff's videos as I can find. I don't remember seeing him before, but I have heard his message. However, I have never heard it like I have now, especially in lieu of the times... As per usual, thank you Pat...