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September 5, 2010

Sometimes, I just kick back and think about how funny the world would be if everyone looked like this


  1. But it doesn't match your mustache

  2. It might become the next fashion statement! :)

  3. Nice. I would enjoy it if everyone dressed so, um, distinctedly. Would be better than jeans. And hippie hair.

    Was that an actual photo/album cover? I mean, was someone's hair (wig) really like that? I'm trying to place it... Barry Manilow? Rod Stewart? Just can't pin it down. LOOOOOVE the suit, though. Ca-lassy. ;) *snap*

    Missing the cigarette, possibly with the girly-holder thingy from the 20's.

  4. "Take down the signs, Martha. Found the poodle. And no. You won't like it."

  5. Martha: "Well, could have been worse, Stan. Could have been a Protestant apologist at the door."
    Stan: "What, like someone talking about 'sola scriptura'?
    Martha: "No. I was thinking more like Pat Boone in a wig."