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May 6, 2010

Love Will Keep Us Alive

I'm sure the Eagles didn't have any theological or eschatological thoughts in mind when they wrote this beaut of a song, but, even so, it seems to me that it inadvertently offers a flash, here and there, of a certain theological truth we Catholics should remind ourselves about frequently, especially as we move through difficult times in which "the world is changing, right before [our] eyes."


  1. Kind of like how 'I was made for Loving you" by KISS could be said to speak of the Theology of the Body.

    ok... a bit of a stretch..

  2. PERFECT Patrick! My husband is my dear love for life, but he could not take away fully the emptiness inside, nor the sting of my past and present sins. Nor could my children.

    It was only when I shifted, moved closer to God, that the emptiness left by sin was filled with grace. Now my family shares the true love that is given by Love.

    Christ stood alone against the world, after all. And He invites us to become hidden in Him, so the world may no longer see us, but Him.

    Awesome start to a beautiful day. God bless you!