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May 11, 2009

New Japanese Video "Game" Glorifies Rape and Abortion

Players earn points for acts of sexual violence, including stalking girls on commuter trains, raping virgins and their mothers, and forcing females to get abortions, according to the group's online statement.


  1. "Alea jacta est"

    The Japanese popular culture are more brutal, and brutal sexual violence orientated , t0 what we, are getting "used" to us in the western part of the world. From Manga-comics to, movies. And the "new" strong media, video-game,s.
    To find a explanation to this is many, i can,t do that only in a comment. But one is, cultural, with the old samurai tradition is one. And glorifying violence.
    But the border for what to do, (this time) to sell a "Game/product" is expanding. our tolerance is all way,s, put to a test. And for a catholic to say; "The border is way of crossed, and we are setting it back, to the standard in harmony. With our faith and the spirit in the commandment we follow".

  2. This is nothing new for Japan, at least concept-wise. These kinds of games have been around for a long time, mostly low profile but easy to find if you look. There is a very dark, evil side to the Japanese sexual culture. I think it has to do with the void of Christianity there, similar to what you posted before. Without the Light, the darkness creeps into everything.

  3. Oh, and that's not all! The culture of japanese porn is hitting the states head-on, and gay anime porn is being used to make american kids familiar with perversion. sick.

  4. Hoodmask-
    if kids are able to get ahold of yaoi or yuri hentai, might want to look at the parents instead of the existance-- the covers of even non-henti anime that's aimed for adult audiesnces should trigger every "hm, it's animated, but that is NOT for kids" alarm in a normal adult's head. Most places I've seen that even have that stuff put it in the "adult videos/over 18 to enter" area.

    There is some serious sick stuff out there. What worries me is that it sells.